Thursday, July 30, 2009

Company is Coming!

Darryl arrives tonight! He actually is in town now for meetings all day but will be staying at our house for three nights. I am not sure if I will be able to update my blog during this time so it may be Monday before I can get back on here. I will report back faithfully as soon as I can. Stay tuned!
Until then, here is another adventure that recently took place.

Night out with Jesse

A few posts back I mentioned Jesse. He is the gay brother of Julie, Linda’s co-worker. Jesse is new to the area and doesn’t know anyone other then the few people he works with in a small office. He is not from this area so knows little about the gay scene or where to go for a night out.

Julie had asked Linda if there was a chance that I could take Jesse out some night to show him some of the local watering holes frequented by the gay community. Linda had volunteered my assistance without consulting me, as if she really had to! I always do what Linda tells me.

So it is not surprising that Thursday evening I found myself getting dressed up to go out for the night with Jesse. Linda insisted that I wear the short skirt and slinky top that she had picked out. I thought that it would send the wrong signals to wear something so sexy, but I put them on as Linda instructed.

Turned out that Jesse was a nice guy, attractive and dressed nicely, and actually listened to me when I talked. That was refreshing.

We went to the gay nightclub, which was of course kind of quiet, being a Thursday evening and all. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we ended up the only people on the dance floor. Jesse was a good dancer as well so we danced several dances before sitting down to our drinks and conversation. I even found myself relaxing during one of the slow dances as he maneuvered us around the dance floor. Somehow, we found ourselves in the back corner of the dance floor when the song ended, and Jesse took advantage of our location to kiss me. For some reason, I just went along with the kiss and let it last longer than it should have, sending wrong signals and setting the stage for the rest of the evening.

For the rest of the night Jesse held my hand or put his arm around me as we walked to and from the dance floor. Several more kisses were shared, and soon we were headed home. A long, tongue-wrestling kiss ensued at my door, and I found myself inviting him in for coffee, which somehow led to us making out on the sofa for another half hour. He tried to advance the action further but I was somehow able to convince him that it was time to end the date and pushed him out the door.

As I entered the bedroom, Linda asked from the darkness, “Did you have a good evening?” Fortunately, she was too tired for details so I was spared having to confess my actions. As I fell asleep I had very mixed thoughts… I had fulfilled my task of showing Jesse a place that he could go and meet people… but did I want him to go there without me?


alan said...

I'm not sure I'd have had your power to resist...

Or wanted to!


Mommy's said...

I don't think I read if you wanted to go further. I hope you do in the future! Very, very hot entry.

little shaun said...

If he was gay, why did he want you to be dressed up as a woman?

Iowabev said...

Thanks for the comments.
Little shaun, there are many gay guys who enjoy being with a trans-woman. Go to a gay bar sometime and check it out. People cannot be placed into a single mold, like saying all gays have to behave a certain way. Variety is what makes the world go round and keeps things interesting.
Thanks for your question.

Phred said...

Early in your blog's history, you mentioned going out most Thursday nights. Is this what you have been doing on Thursdays? Please fill us in!! Thanks!