Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinner and a phone call.

As I suspected, Linda wanted me to be dressed as Beverly for our dinner party with Anna and Tom. What I wore, she left up to me. Since our guests had seen me as Beverly before, there was no reason for me to hold back. So I picked out my best summer dress, slipped some nearly nude stockings up my tan legs, wiggled into a cute pink panty with matching bra and garter belt, did my make-up to perfection, and dawned a light brown wig that I combed over one eye… very sexy yet almost innocent. Linda was very pleased with my selection and let me know by giving me a long hug as I came out of the bedroom.

Anna and Tom arrived right on time and I greeted them at the door with a pitcher of martinis and a smile. They both complemented me on my appearance and I felt Tom’s eyes soak up every detail as they traveled over me, head to toe. You know, its kind of fun being admired by a male. It makes all of the time and fuss worthwhile.

We joined Linda on the patio and enjoyed casual conversation. All of the time I was treated as just one of the ladies as we shared our latest shopping tales. Tom was feeling left out as he was the only ‘male’ in the group. That was somewhat weird I thought. Usually I am the one feeling left out.

When I went to get the steaks, I put on a cute pink apron that really complimented my dress. I was the picture of perfection; the cute hostess, all dressed in pink. As I cooked the steaks, I refreshed drinks and went to get the rest of the dinner items. When I stood up from getting the salads out of the refrigerator, I was surprised to find Tom standing there.

“I just came in to see if you needed any help carrying anything. I must say, Beverly, you really look nice. You are so convincing as a woman that it’s hard for me to remember you as my golfing buddy. I just wanted to say that I am glad that you found yourself, your female self. You and Linda seem so happy and I think it’s because you are in this new role. It just fits you perfectly,” Tom stated.

I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled, leaned over and gave him a peck on the check (such a feminine thing to do). I handed him two bowls to carry out and we headed back to the patio. I didn’t tell Tom that my kiss had left a nice pink lipstick imprint on his cheek, but Linda and Anna noticed it immediately and teased Tom, asking him what we had been doing in the kitchen. He blushed as I said, “We’re not telling.”

The rest of the evening was relaxed and enjoyable. At one point Linda mentioned that she was expecting a call from Darryl, which was followed by Tom giving me a quick glance to gauge my reaction. I sat silently, giving no indication that it affected me. Anna asked Linda what he was calling about and Linda answered that she wasn’t sure.

“You will have to tell me about it at work tomorrow,” Anna replied.

Fortunately, our guest left soon after, before the call came so I was spared that embarrassment. I was cleaning up the remains of dinner and washing dishes when the call came. Linda called out from the living room, “I’ve got it.” I waited silently for a minute, trying to catch anything being said, but all I heard was the door to our bedroom closing. Linda had moved to the bedroom to have her privacy while she talked with Darryl.

My work was done and I wanted to turn in for the night, but I knew better than to go into the bedroom and interrupt their phone conversation. Plus, I really didn’t want to see what Linda might be doing as she spoke to Darryl. Once before I had heard her moans of pleasure through the bedroom door while they had phone sex. I really didn’t want to go through that again.

It was an hour later when I heard the bedroom door open as I laid restlessly on the sofa, waiting to go to bed.

“You can come in now. We’re done,” Linda spoke softly. She was in the bathroom when I came into the bedroom. I was sure that she was ‘making herself presentable’ for me. She came to bed wearing a nightshirt, her face freshly washed. She kissed me quickly, then turned off the light beside the bed. She didn’t say anything to me. She was waiting for me to ask about the call.

“How’s Darryl?” I finally gave in.

“He’s fine,” is all Linda replied. Oh, she was going to play it coy.

“What did he have to say,” I inquired calmly. Two can play this game.

“Not much,” replied the master of the game.

Finally, I gave in. “What was the call about?”

“Oh, this and that. Mostly we just talked about things in general,” she parried. “Oh, he did say that he will be back here in a week or two and wanted to know if he could stay with us for a few days. I told him that it would be all right. You don’t mind, do you?”

I knew that I really had no say in the matter and I had better not complain or object. So I replied that it was fine with me.

“Anything else?” I inquired.

“He did bring up the tattoo idea again and that I should see what’s available in this area. Would you look into that for me tomorrow? Find out what are the most reputable places,” she stated. She has a way of giving me instructions, orders really, without them sounding like orders. But I knew that I had better do it or I would be suffering the consequences.

“Are you really going to get a tattoo? I didn’t think you liked tattoos. Did he give any indication as to what kind of tattoo or where it would be placed?” I inquired.

“I’m not really in favor of tattoos, but I may not be given a choice. As to what and where, well, that’s a surprise,” she said softly.

Even in the dark I could tell she had mixed emotions about it. She didn’t want a tattoo but she might be willing to get one for Darryl. That really worried me. And as for it being a surprise, I wondered, “a surprise for who… her or me?”

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night.


Liz Romney said...

Oh Beverly, you have such a wonderful little blog. You write so well and it's always fun to read.

My only comment about what a bad girl you are when you're on the phone with Roger... well if Linda has her fun on the phone why can't you.

Linda seems to be strong enough woman to be able to tell Darryl NO! if she wanted to. You can only support her in her decision(s) because you're a good wife.


Anonymous said...

My ex got a tattoo once, some Tibetan symbol or some such thing. i was never privy to what it actually said. She had wanted me to get one, some flowers and a butterfly or something. Never happened.
Don't be surprized if both you and her are ordered to get one. You do know that Darryl does tend to get his way, and with Linda domming you and sub to him, well, it should be interesting to say the least.
sissy cindy lynn

alan said...

I'm glad the timing of the phone call worked out the way it did for you...I can't imagine thinking about what was going on while entertaining!

Forgive me if I envy Tom that lipstick!


AlmostAwake said...

Just a couple of points about tattoos.
1. Keep it clean. Clean shop, clean artist, clean autoclave, clean needles, fresh ink. The web is a great source of info, but your own eyes (and nose) are the final judge.
2. Don't judge the artist by his tattoos ... someone else probably did them.
If you are around Cedar Rapids, check out Jason at the Town and Country Mall. Worked out OK for me.

ritemate said...

Thanks for updating promptly; you really are a nice girl when you’re not being a tease.
From now on I guess you’ll have to invite more than one couple at a time, to avoid the “lone male” problem. Apparently, the next week will be full of preparations for Darryl’s visit. This time there’ll be no doubt as to where Darryl’s suitcase is going, and that your guest bedroom will be the maid’s quarters during his stay with you. Don’t forget to book your appointments for Brazilian waxing, I’m sure Darryl wants his girls to be smooth. Do you think you’ll be invited to take part in the games?
Darryl obviously is both inventive and convincing, so Linda’s new tattoo probably won’t be the only surprise. Can’t wait to read about it, you’re such a great blogger. No wonder you’ve got 88 official followers, with Darryl’s imminent visit I’m sure you’ll reach 100 very soon.