Monday, July 20, 2009

Pinch me so I know I am alive.

I love our lifestyle, especially serving Linda. I also enjoy being a housewife… most of the time. But today I am having trouble getting into the routine. I haven’t planned dinner yet as nothing is sounding good to me. The house is cleaned so I don’t have any cleaning that I really have to do. I have the laundry started so right now I am just sitting here, bored.

Maybe I should call my sister or Linda’s sister and see if either of them would like to get together. Maybe we could have a girl’s spa afternoon and get our nails done, or maybe go shopping for a new outfit. That would pep me up. I will give them a call!

See, all I had to do was talk to you and now I am feeling better. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


Being submissive is difficult. There is not always thrill with lot of things happening.

So, relax and dream about Daryl's visit and the pleasure he give to your wife.

Hugs and kisses

alan said...

Or a date for a "chick flick"?


ritemate said...

Perhaps it’s just your nervous anticipation of Darryl’s visit that’s making you restless?
Have you found a nice tattoo parlor for Linda yet?

Missy said...

Well, what happened?