Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrate Freedom!

I know, I know. I have been so quiet lately. It’s just that there has been nothing going on here to write about. Linda is working a lot right now so she comes home and crashes. My work has been busy enough to keep me from having any ‘play time’. There has been no further mention of Jesse or me showing him around town either. Our families have been leaving us alone as well.

We will be having a big family gathering this Saturday to celebrate the 4th of July. Maybe there will be some good old fashion family fireworks to spice things up. I will be sure to let you know.

And before you ask, no recent calls from Roger to me or Darryl to Linda. I guess everyone is busy right now. I think we all need to get away and have a relaxing vacation.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend as well.


JeanieLoveJones said...

very nice!
Thanks for the quick update, they are always nice!


MaryMary said...

Have a great holiday. Beverly, make sure to enjoy yourself.