Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot times, Summer In The City

I’ve gotten an early start on the day. It’s not even eight o’clock yet and I have a load of laundry started, dinner planned, the kitchen cleaned, and am just about ready to take a shower and get dressed for the day ahead. Not bad, huh? I am sooooo organized. So I decided that this would be a perfect time to catch up on my blog.

Where to start? Oh, though Darryl has not been back here yet, he has been calling Linda quite regularly… at least once a week. When he calls, Linda will usually take the cordless phone and shut herself into the bedroom or the study so I can’t hear their conversation. I think that they are having phone sex because she usually looks somewhat flushed when she comes out of the room. I never ask what they talked about, just how he is doing. I leave it up to her to tell me if she wishes.

She did tell me that he is still pushing the idea of her getting a tattoo when he is here next. Neither of us are big on tattoos and not sure why he wants to mark her. He hasn’t said what tattoo or where he wants it on her body, but it’s kind of scary to think that she could be wearing his mark forever. What do you think of the idea?

Last Saturday we had the families over for dinner. We haven’t had everyone together since Easter so it was nice to see everyone. Both of our families get along well. There were ten of us here and we grilled out since it was such a beautiful day. Everyone sat out on the patio drinking wine and beer. Of course you know who was serving them… me!

I was dressed somewhat femme; just sea-foam green shorts with matching v-neck top (guys never wear matching tops and bottoms do they, especially in sea-foam?). Under those I was wearing a bra without padding (but the outline I’m sure was noticeable) and bikini panty. My light pink nail polished toes peeked through my sandals. I was wearing matching polish on my finger nails as well as mascara, eyeliner, and pale pink lip gloss. With my hairless legs and arms I know I was quite feminine looking and I had to be careful that I didn’t bend over from the waist when serving or my bra might peak out of the v-neck top. I didn’t even complain to Linda when she picked out my outfit and we were dressing that morning. I knew that our families would be expecting to see me in something along those lines, so I just went along with it. I was surprised when Linda squirted some perfume on me as I was getting ready to head downstairs, but I didn’t say anything then either. I just accepted the fact that everyone thought of me as the feminine sissy so I shouldn’t disappoint.

Of course there were comments about my appearance made by most everyone when they arrived. My mother gave me a hug and her hands caressed my bra straps in a knowing way. My mother-in-law allowed her eyes to travel slowly up and down my body as she took it all in, then just smiled and said “hello dear. You look lovely today.” Both of our sisters made favorable comments and stated that we needed to have a shopping day together soon. Linda’s brother and our brother-in-laws just took in the site without comment other then ‘bring us a beer, Hon’.

So I cooked, served, cleaned up, and endured teasing comments and sideways glances the rest of the day. I was really surprised at how everyone just accepted my appearance and expected me to wait on them. I didn’t disappoint and relished my role and opportunity. I was at my best and I know Linda was proud of me.

The one surprised that came was when my mother and sister were leaving. My mother hugged me and whispered “you would look nice in a summer dress like your sister is wearing. Maybe you should pick up one when you three go shopping.” My mother was suggesting I wear a dress! She was so accepting of me being feminine, it was almost scary. Recovering from the surprise, I told her I would look for one.

After I cleaned up Linda had me join her on the sofa as we relaxed and reflected on the day.

“That was a nice party. You did so well. You are the perfect housewife. Everything looked and tasted so good. You really made me proud. And everyone was pleased with how you look. Don’t you agree?” Linda asked.

I had to agree with her. She gave me a hug and said, “I don’t think that there is any reason for you to hold back any longer around our families. I think next time you should be totally ‘Beverly’ around them.”

I said nothing but realized that it would probably happen whether I agreed with it or not.

Just before heading up to bed the phone rang. I was sure it would be Darryl, checking in to see how the day had gone. But, to my surprise, it was Roger calling from Florida.

We talked for 45 minutes. The conversation started out with the pleasantries of ‘how did the day go, what was I wearing, how did I feel looking so feminine in front of family, what did they say’… typical small talk. Then the conversation turned to whether I had thought any more about his offer for me to visit him. I told him that I had been thinking about it and that Linda had been pushing me to do it. We both agreed that July and August might not be the best time to visit Florida because of the heat and humidity. So, if it were to happen, it would most likely be pushed back to September.

I will admit that it was great talking to him and, towards the end, the conversation turned more sexual and suggestive as he told me how much he missed me and what I could look forward to enjoying when I was with him. Yes, it turned me on and a part of me wanted to say ‘yes’ to his offer and jump on a plane for Florida. I tell you, that man can talk! I swear he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. But I stayed strong and didn’t give in, other then to lay down on the sofa while talking to him and let my hand take a trip inside my shorts and panty. But I swear I didn’t make any promises… other then what I would do to him when we are together again. But that’s it. And promises made in the throws of passion don’t really count, do they? Oh, I am so weak. Please forgive me.


mikecb said...

Wow! It seems like your "outting" to your family happened all at once. How exciting! Imagine the possibilities, now!

Mistress Sophie said...

Nice post, very exciting

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm enjoying your blog... kep up the good work x

Anonymous said...

beverly - why wouldn't you dress in a feminine manner? You are a housewife - it's pretty much expected for you to dress like one. I think it would be a little irritating to everyone if you didn't - no one wants to see you pretending to be a male - you clearly are not.

This shouldn't be such a struggle for you to be Linda's housewife - it's really all she expects from you. This is especially true now that she has a boyfriend. I think Linda probably will end up getting the tattoo - if for no other reason than to remind you that she does like to please her man. That should keep you feeling very much like her housewife - don't you think? Besides, Linda is kind enough to allow you a boyfriend as well - what more could you need?

Iowabev said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Miss D, what kind of tattoo would you suggest and where should it be placed?

ritemate said...

Thanks for a great post. You’re such a good housewife, I’m sure you’re very useful to Linda. Seems to me your male alter ego won’t be needed much anymore, and that your shopping for clothes will take place in the women’s department for the foreseeable future.
As for Linda’s tattoo, the mere fact that She brought it up with you goes to show that She’s taking it under serious consideration; and judging from Darryl’s abilities to convince Her, I agree with Miss D that it’s almost inevitable. So the question isn’t if, but what and where.
A butterfly on Her butt would be cute, but perhaps too tame; “Darryl” on Her arm clearly over the top. Maybe a message with Chinese signs in a place only visible to those who can look inside Her panties would be hot when you know what it means; while at the same time allowing discretion in most situations?

AlmostAwake said...

I wouldn't make too much fuss about the tattoo. Times have definitely changed. Although my wife and I are considerably more ancient than you, our oldest daughter talked us into tattoos.
Hers, a cluster of hearts on the left hip, just below the top of her bikini line. Mine, a little stick figure bicyclist on the right calf.
Tattooing is one area of life where it pays to think ahead ... how will it look ten years from now?
Interestingly enough, my tattoo was inspired by several we saw riding RAGBRAI in 2006.
My lovely wife, a sexy sexagenarian has added a nose stud and a belly button ring, and has just returned from a spa with my daughter where both underwent full Brazilian waxing.
Good luck. I wish you age like rivers, getting wilder each day. Having a sorority president for a daughter helps, too.