Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tattoo Parlors

As instructed, I did some checking up on tattoo parlors in our area. I couldn’t believe how many there were. There were two that stood out as appearing higher class than the others, so I drove over to check them out. I met with the artist at each, got an idea of the costs based on what little I knew of that Darryl wanted, got a tour of the establishments, and walked out with my suggestion to Darryl confirmed.

It was really difficult to ask for price ideas when I didn’t know what the tattoo would be, if it would be something from their tattoo book or an original design, or even where the tattoo would be placed. I had told them that the tattoo was for my wife, but found it awkward to reveal that I had no idea where it was going to go. So I asked how they handled the placement of tattoos in intimate locations and was told that they would supply whatever coverage of the area needed that still allowed them access while conforming to the recipient’s comfort level.

“We get some ladies in here that throw modesty out the window and lay there buck naked while I work around their pussy,” one of the artist volunteered. I wondered where Linda would fall along that modest spectrum, or what Darryl would allow was more likely.

So if the tattoo issue comes up, I guess we are ready with a location.

And speaking of Darryl, he is coming to town later this week. He called Linda Saturday and confirmed his arrival. They talked for a long time so I am sure that they were making plans for his stay.

Maybe I should just leave town!


ritemate said...

Please don’t leave town (I don’t think you really mean to)!
1) If you’re absent you stand no chance at getting a nice tattoo yourself . You don’t know when Roger puts his mark on you, and a second tattoo can’t hurt (at least not when it’s ready).
2) I think there’s a decent possibility for you to be part of some of the sex session, and a good sissy girl should take every opportunity to perfect her cocksucking technique.
3) The sounds coming from your bedroom should be quite arousing.
4) If you don’t take care of the household chores, Linda and Darryl will have less time for sex.
Lastly, if you aren’t there, I’m sure your posts about Darryl’s visit aren’t going to be nearly as hot as if your’e a firsthand witness. And I loved your steamy posts from last time!

alan said...

Though I'm sure your mind says "flee" your heart doesn't...

Or perhaps it's the other way 'round?

Either way, I hope you both end up with some dreams come true!