Monday, July 27, 2009


So much catching up to do that I will get right to it. In my last post, I talked about being bored so I called my sister to see if she wanted to get together. She asked what I had in mind. She could tell I was nervous because of the way I was hemming and hawing, not coming out and saying what was on my mind.

“You are dressed as Beverly right now aren’t you?” she asked as she guessed correctly.

When I confirmed that I was she said, “And you want to go out and do something ‘girly’, is that right?” She hit it perfectly.

“Do you want to go shopping or go get something to eat, or did you have another idea?” she inquired.

“I was thinking that maybe we could go get our nails done or something,” I blushingly replied.

“That’s a great idea. I really need a pedicure. Why don’t I pick you up in an hour and we will go check out that new salon that just opened by the mall,” she commented excitedly.

I headed to the bedroom to slip into something fun and comfortable. I selected a white skirt and print top along with white sandals that would show off the pedicure I was going to get. An application of daytime makeup followed by a spritz of perfume and I was ready to go just as she pulled into the driveway.

“Is it my imagination or are you spending more time as Beverly,” Pam commented as I slid into the seat beside her. “You really look good and appear so comfortable like this that it is difficult for me to think of you as my little brother. You are definitely my sister now, and I love it.”

I gave her hand a squeeze. “I really enjoy spending time as Beverly, especially when I can get out of the house. It’s not something I am going to do full time, but I love to take advantage of every opportunity I can,” I replied.

“I’m not so sure about the full time thing. I know that Linda is comfortable with you this way, and you certainly look good. I could see my brother disappearing all together in the near future. And just so you know, your family would support you if you decided to go that route.”

Oh, this was going to be a very enjoyable day!

We were able to get right into the spa as the place had just opened two weeks ago and was still building a clientele. We took adjoining spa chairs for our pedicures. Immediately Pam started with the questions.

“So what adventures have you been having as Beverly lately?” she asked.

I told her about Anna and Tom coming over for dinner and how I fixed dinner. I knew she was going to ask how I was dressed so I volunteered that I was Beverly for the evening and she smiled knowingly. She asked many questions about what I wore, what I cooked, how Anna and Tom reacted to seeing me dressed as Beverly. It felt so good to be able to have someone to talk to and I found myself opening up and freely discussing everything. I surprised myself with my candor, especially when I mentioned that I was glad that our guests left before Linda got a phone call from Darryl.

Pam’s eyes widen at the mention of Darryl and I could tell that she had a lot of questions in her mind about what was going on there. She pried and I opened up, telling her everything; their dates, his dominate personality and how he easily controlled Linda and me. I even confessed about my date with Roger and our phone calls as well as Darryl’s idea of tattooing Linda.

“I always knew you were a bit submissive. Heck, I even took advantage of that growing up when I had you do my chores in exchange for helping you with makeup or dressing up. I didn’t know you had a thing for guys, but I guess I’m not surprised by it. With as good as you look as Beverly it is only natural that guys would find you attractive and desirable. I think it’s cute that you have a boyfriend,” Pam commented. “Now Darryl sounds like Linda has a handful. He sounds quite masterful and Linda is willing to let him have his way. The tattoo thing sounds interesting, kind of like he is putting his brand on her, marking his property and every time you see that tattoo you will remember that Darryl put it there.”

I was thankful that the nail technicians seemed to not be listening to our conversation as we selected matching nail color for our toes. Pam and I hadn’t had an opportunity to sit and talk to each other in a long time and it felt good to be able to discuss these intimate topics.

“Are you going to get a tattoo also?” Pam asked smiling.

“I hope not. Darryl hasn’t said anything about that. But I foolishly told Roger about Darryl’s idea and Roger thought it sounded good and he might get me tattooed when we get together again,” I replied.

Then we were off talking about Roger and I found myself sharing what he and I had done. I couldn’t believe I was telling my sister all of these details but she just had a way of getting me to loosen up and talk.

When she finally dropped me off at home, after we had gone out for lunch as well, we hugged like the two close sisters we had become. It really felt good to know our relationship was on a new level now. I knew that Linda shared most everything with her sister, Judy. Now Pam and I were similar.

“Maybe I can meet Darryl when he is visiting,” Pam suggested.

Judy had met him on a previous meeting so I didn’t see any reason not to let Pam also meet him.

“I don’t know what his schedule is like when he is here, so we will just have to see about it,” I answered.

This is just getting deeper and deeper!


alan said...

I'm very glad your sister is "with you" on all this; it seems like there's not going to be a lot of "keeping things" quiet in your life!

I also think that the two of you have only scratched the surface of something wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Congrats for sharing everathing with your sister. Real girl talk. Take care,