Sunday, July 12, 2009


I spent most of Saturday cleaning and picking up the house. It really wasn’t that much work as I had been keeping up on my housecleaning schedule throughout the week. Friday evening over dinner Linda told me that her co-worker and best friend, Anna, and her husband were coming over for dinner Sunday evening. I take pride in my housework and always want the house to look its been when we have company over. Of course I also was thinking that Anna and Tom know about my feminine alter ego, Beverly, and would be expecting me to be in femme form while they are here. Linda hasn’t said anything about it but I am expecting her to tell me how I will be dressing for the occasion anytime now. Because of that, I want to get the housework out of the way on Saturday so today I wouldn’t be worrying about it and could concentrate on getting myself ready. We will see how that turns out and will report on it later.

Linda did mention that she got an email from Darryl Saturday telling her to expect a call Sunday evening as well. I hope it doesn’t come while Anna and Tom are here. That would be very embarrassing to be left to keep them company while Linda is off enjoying an intimate phone conversation with her boyfriend. Can you imagine how I would feel? I do wonder what the topic will be and why he alerted her to the call instead of just surprising her.

Time will tell. Enjoy your Sunday.


ritemate said...

Now don’t be a tease and keep us waiting for the rest, ‘cause if you do that Linda has a perfect reason to give you a harsh punishment spanking.

AlmostAwake said...

I agree with ritemate.
What's up with Darryl's call timing? Does Anna have a hand in that? Now that she's got Tom on a short leash is she trying to get him accustomed to the idea of male domestication? Or maybe to the concept of boyfriends for wives?
Phew! Too much speculation.
Suspense has a way of expanding the imagination.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

You are so siled. I really love your blog. Go for it and carve into your bisexual feelings. They're worth it.

Big hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

i consider myself a sissy like you, but sweetie, you are so much more adcanced than i am and am likely to ever be at this point in my life.
How have you handled the exposure to women and later men? i have fantascized about the exposure to women oart, but the men thing would scare this sissy out of her panties.
i have been exposed in many ways to women, but not dressed at parties, so, any thoughts and feelings you'd like to share, are sincerely appreciated!!!!
sissy cindy lynn