Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning About The Date

It was almost noon before Linda and Darryl got out of bed. I heard the shower running so I made sure that there was fresh, hot coffee for them when they finally joined me.

Darryl was the first to appear, dressed in jeans and polo shirt, freshly showered, hair still damp. As I started to get up from the table to pour his coffee, he instructed me to stay seated. He poured two cups and brought them to the table (since I had mine I knew the other was for Linda).

“How was your night?” I asked, dying to hear the details of the date. I was shocked to hear that he had flown them to Chicago for dinner.

“It’s just a ninety minute flight from airport to airport. Flying is so much easier than driving. Once airborne, the plane practically flies itself,” he said with a mischievous grin. “I am happy to report that your wife is now an official member of the Mile High Club.”

I didn’t even want to think about how they achieved that, but pictures formed in my mind anyway. He went on to tell me about the great restaurant they ate at that was on the 20th floor overlooking Lake Michigan. I knew that there was no way I could compete with him. He was definitely showing Linda adventures that I could only dream about.

And speaking of Linda, at that moment she made her entrance in grand… and very naked… style. She walked into the kitchen totally nude. I had forgotten Darryl’s instructions that she was to be naked while home during his visit. Seeing her walking around so easily and carefree was difficult to take. I also notice her freshly shaven bald pussy, something else Darryl had insisted on. She looked so vulnerable like that.

She told me about the surprise of flying to Chicago (she left out the part about joining the Mile High Club!), and the limo waiting to pick them up at the airport. Besides the dinner, they also drove around Chicago looking at sites at night, stopped to walk along Lake Michigan by the Shedd Aquarium, then back to the airport for the flight home.

“And what did you do on the return flight?” Darryl prodded her. I was getting ready to hear about him taking her in the plane.

Linda blushed as she answered, “I flew the whole way back dressed the same way I am now, totally naked.” She looked to see my reaction. I am sure my mouth was hanging open.

“Then I played with his ‘joy stick’.” She picked a banana out of the basket and proceeded to give me a visual sample by erotically sampling the fruit.

“Since it was so late at night, there were no ground crew around when we landed, so I got out of the plane and walked to the car without getting dressed. I rode home like this as well. I haven’t had any clothes on since we took off from Chicago!”

I was trying to absorb all of this while we sat there talking about their evening and the rest of the day to come. We were going to relax around the house all afternoon, then get ready to go out for dinner around seven. My head was spinning from all of this and I wasn’t really thinking straight, when all of a sudden something was said that brought me back to reality.

“Oh, I just remembered,” I said sitting up at the table. “Pam is coming by sometime this afternoon. She wants to meet Darryl.”

“Pam is Beverly’s sister,” Linda informed Darryl. I saw her face suddenly flush with understanding as she realized that she was naked and we were going to have a houseguest dropping in. She looked at Darryl, hoping that he was also understanding what she was thinking. “Ahh, about Pam being here…” she quietly said to Darryl.

“Linda, you agreed to the rules on how you are to be dressed while home. You knew that there was a chance that someone might stop in. There will be no changing the rules just because your sister-in-law might drop in,” Darryl stated firmly as Linda dropped her head in acceptance.

I wanted to scream “she can’t be naked in front of my sister while you are here. What will Pam think?” But I remained quiet, knowing that if Linda was willing to accept her fate, then so must I. I wasn’t worried about being dressed as Beverly in front of Pam as she had seen me that way several times now and was very accepting of her brother now being her sister. Pam also knew about Linda being intimate with Darryl and that they were sleeping together during his stay. But Pam seeing Linda walking around the house naked in front of Darryl and me was another matter all together. I wasn’t sure how that would go over.

As I was clearing the table of the light lunch I had thrown together, Darryl walked up behind Linda and gave her a hug, telling her to get over her nervousness, that everything would be alright, and he was sure that Pam would understand about Linda being naked.

“Maybe we should offer her the opportunity to get naked as well,” Darryl laughed.

I could see that Linda was as nervous as I was about that suggestion. Neither of us wanted to bring our family members into any kind of sexual situation. It was okay perhaps for some of them to know about what we were doing, but we both drew the line at including them into the ‘inner circle’. At least that is what I thought.

Suddenly, Darryl turned Linda around, picked her up and set her on the edge of the counter, then proceeded to undo his pants and let them drop to the floor. He took her right there in the kitchen! Well, I guessed my clean up duties were done for now, so I left them and went out to the living room to wait.

A few minutes later, Linda walked over to the couch, laid down and spread her legs open.

“Come here, Beverly, and clean up the nice dessert Darryl left you,” she commanded me. I hesitated for a moment, just looking at her and looking to see where Darryl was.

“I said come over here, now!” she said firmly.

I slipped over beside the couch and gingerly licked up the fresh cream pie being presented to me. I didn’t hear Darryl come back into the room, but a moment later I heard him say that my hesitation at Linda’s command had earned me a spanking from her.

Oh, boy. When will I ever learn?


rtronce said...

this blog continues to be the most sensual one that I have ever read. I am sure it is much more exciting for you, and I cannot wait to see where it will lead.

Iowabev said...

Thank you! You must have read this posting within 5 minutes of me posting it. Wow!!

Phred said...

Please keep the posts coming ASAP. We all want to know the full details of the Daryl visit NOW.

BTW, when is your trip to Florida? How is Roger?

Liz Romney said...

Oh WOW! I have no more to add. What could I add?

I love you Beverly. You're wasting your time doing your day time job, you should write erotica full time ;-)


Mike said...

You continue to amaze me with both how well you write & what you are writing about! "Liz Romney" may be right!
In any case, as usual, thanks for sharing.

ShySissyLisa said...

Oh Beverly! What a lucky little bitch you are!!! I envy you every humiliation,every drop of Daryl's cum, every time you hear Linda moaning with pleasure because she's with a man, not a Sissy. Surely you must dream of Daryl "taking" you- I know I do!- Love, Lisa

myles96 said...

Lovely blog ... I can't wait for the next installment.

Anonymous said...

Well,,, beverly - it seems Linda is a bit of a slut. That does seem to happen to women around virile, manly men like Darryl. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about though - Darryl knows exactly how to make her feel sexy and good about herself. She does seem happy to you - doesn't she?

And wasn't it nice of him to give her a morning fuck on the counter? I'll bet she smelled and tasted so good to you afterwards... I am curious though - why did you leave the kitchen - didn't you want to watch how nicely Darryl's cock fills Linda - hear how good it feels to Linda - how she wants it more and more - how she loves his cock? You do want her to love his cock don't you, beverly, so she will have no use for your little clitty ever again?

alan said...

It seems your adventures have taken wing since my last visit, literally!

No matter how this plays out in the long term, know that as much as I fear for you at times, I envy you as well...