Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pam Gets An Eyeful

The doorbell chimed, announcing my sister’s (Pam) arrival. I don’t know who looked more panic; Linda, because she was naked, or me, because my sister was about to witness another man dominating Linda and me.

“Linda, why don’t you go up to the bed room while Beverly introduces me to his sister and I have a chance to inform her of your current appearance,” Darryl mercifully said while silently instructing me to get the door.

Pam was not surprised to see me dressed in feminine form, even complimented me on my appearance, saying that I looked ‘lovely’. I thanked her and took her hand, a very feminine gesture, to lead her over to meet Darryl. He stood up from the sofa and turned on the charm. I could tell that Pam was immediately impressed and taken by him. Darryl just has that charisma about him that people immediately size him up as someone forceful, an effortless leader.

He took her hand and held it while kissing her lightly on the cheek. Pam actually blushed from the gesture while I just blended into the background, already forgotten.

As she took a quick glance around, not seeing Linda, Darryl spoke before she could ask the question.
“Linda will be down in a minute. However, I thought it might be best for us to talk a bit before she does. Would you like something to drink? Beverly, why don’t you bring us some iced tea. How does that sound, Pam?”

Pam nodded her agreement as she glanced my way and saw me turn silently and head to the kitchen.

When I came back with the refreshments, Pam was sitting next to Darryl on the sofa. Her face modeled in an expression bordering on disbelief, shock, surprise, and curiosity, all in one. I knew that Darryl had explained Linda’s nudity and was now expounding on the details of our ‘arrangement’. He looked up at me when I sat the drinks down on the table in front of them, but Pam’s eyes never left his face, nor did her expression change.

“I just explained to Pam a little about what has been going on. She wasn’t surprised to hear about your serving role, but seems a bit perplexed about Linda being naked while in the house,” he explained to me unnecessarily. Turning back to face Pam, he said, “while you initially may have been a little shocked, I think you are curious to have Linda join us, aren’t you my dear?”

Pam nodded silently and turned towards the stairs as Darryl called out to Linda. All eyes were on the stairway as Linda descended them. She walked over and stood before Darryl in front of the couch in all her naked glory.

“Hi Pam. I hope you aren’t too shocked by this. I can’t tell you how nervous I have been about walking in here like this. But Darryl insisted and I just cannot say no to him,” Linda quietly explained.

“Oh, Linda, no need to be nervous. You can do whatever you want in your own home. I think that it is kind of neat, but I would never have the nerve to do that,” Pam replied, smiling at Linda. “You look very nice, by the way,” she continued as I saw her eyes nervously glance at Linda’s shaven pussy, lingering longer that she probably wished.

“Well, Pam, feel free to join Linda in her natural state if you wish,” Darryl smirked. I was glad when Pam quickly declined the invitation.

Darryl turned his attention to the forgotten me. “Beverly, pour Linda some iced tea and top off our drinks,” he ordered as he patted the seat beside him for Linda to sit. He draped his arm casually around Linda’s shoulders and pulled her close to him as Pam surveyed the scene.

Hardly any attention was paid to me as I went about my duties. Finished pouring, I sat down in the armchair across from the threesome on the couch, once again hoping to drift into the background unnoticed. But I should have known that would not be the case with Darryl holding court.

He allowed the conversation to pick up for a few minutes as Linda told Pam about their date to Chicago the night before. Pam asked a few questions about what they had to eat and about flying in a small plane, something she had never done before.

That was the opening Darryl was looking for. “I would love to take you up sometime,” he chimed, none of us missing the subtle meaning that lay beneath the surface of those words. “Your sister-in-law joined the Mile-High Club last night,” he beamed as Linda blushed.

A puzzled look came over Pam’s face momentarily, then it quickly changed to recognition as she blushed along with Linda.

“Is that kind of difficult to do in a small plane? I’ve heard of people doing it on airliners in the bathrooms, but I guess that would be a tight space also,” she commented.

“It does take a bit of maneuvering, and isn’t very comfortable. But at least now I can say I did it,” Linda bragged.

“Are you interested?” Darryl asked.

“The plane ride sounds like fun, but I will pass on the other. Maybe my husband and I could take a ride sometime with you,” Pam said, trying to get herself out of the pickle Darryl was trying to draw her into. Darryl politely dropped the other references and agreed to give Pam and Rob a plane ride in the near future.

After that, there was a lull in the conversation for a moment, then quickly defused when Darryl turned to me and said, “if I remember correctly, Beverly, we owe you a spanking!”

Oh, he wouldn’t, would he? Not in front of my sister. Oh yes he would!

“Linda, I think you should do the honors. You don’t mind, do you Pam? You see, Beverly was hesitant in following some instructions earlier, and she must be punished for her disobedience. If you would rather not witness this, it could be put off until later. But it would be best if it was handled now,” he explained.

“I used to love watching him get spanked when he was a small boy,” Pam beamed. “I think it would be funny to see him get a few swats.”

Beverly, go get the brush,” Darryl instructed. “And take off your pantyhose while you are at it.”

When I returned with the brush, Darryl had taken my place on the chair and was explaining to Pam his outlook on discipline. He indicated for me to stand next to Linda.

“Okay, Beverly. You know how to assume the position. Show your sister what a good little sissy you are and lower your panties once in position,” Linda said.

I lowered myself over my wife’s naked legs, being careful not to accidentally brush against her exposed breasts, knowing that would earn me extra swats. Once on her legs, I reached back and pulled up my skirt, then tugged my pink panties down to my knees. I was sure that my blushing went from my face to my toes and that my sister was getting an eyeful.

Linda proceeded on Darryl’s command to deliver 10 firm swats to my exposed buns. Then she paused and offered the brush to Pam.

“Would you like to deliver the next ten?” she asked.

I didn’t hear a reply but did hear Pam get off the sofa as she took the brush and stepped up beside me. She place one hand firmly on my back to hold my skirt out of the way, then just as firmly as Linda, gave me 10 spanks that I will not soon forget.

When she finished, Pam handed the brush back to Linda and said, “Sorry little sister, but I have never spanked anyone before. And I have always wondered what it would be like. I kind of enjoyed that.”

She took her seat again and Darryl instructed me to go get more iced tea. Tears were streaming down my face as I pulled my panties up and hurried into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe it… not only was I spanked in front of my sister, she had participated in my embarrassment.

Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves when I returned. Linda had me sit between her and Pam on the sofa while they assured me that my embarrassment was done for the afternoon.

Pam indicated that she had to be going and how much she had enjoyed the unusual afternoon. She gave me a hug, even managed to give her naked sister-in-law a hug, then was pulled into a hug by Darryl who stated how nice it had been to finally meet her and that he looked forward to more enjoyable times to come.

After she left, Linda noticed the time and said that we had better start getting ready for our evening. I was informed then that we were going out to dinner and the evening held a few surprises.

“I know just what I want you to wear so I will come with you upstairs to lay it out,” Linda said.

“Make it quick,” Darryl said with a smile. “We have something else to do first before we get ready.”

“God, does that man never tire?” Linda pretended to fuss, just before she ran up the stairs with her cute naked butt dancing with each step.


Liz Romney said...

As far as I'm concerned, it just keeps getting better and better. Of course I'd understand if you thought otherwise Beverly.

The picture of Linda's "cute little butt" leading the way up the stairs... Hmmmm

I'll say it again, I can't wait for the next installment!


shebsheb said...

i cant thank you enough for your amazing blog Beverly ... kisses :)

alan said...

Somehow I think either of those cute naked butts (Linda's or Beverly's) could get me to do most anything they wished...


Anonymous said...

What could be more humiliating then to have to pull down your pretty pink panties to be spanked by your naked wife and your sister. Of course, your quiet obedience just proves exactly how much of a sissy you truly are. And now that your punishment has been delivered, you can return to being a good wife. And in the future, you'll show a great deal more eagerness to comply with simple requests - won't you?

It's pretty clear now why Linda has no choice but to keep you femmed - you wouldn't survive in the real world for very long trying to pretend you are male. The very idea is silly.

Don't worry overly much about negative comments beverly, most people are enjoying your blog and eagerly await your next installment.

Miss D

myles96 said...

Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work.

sub hubby said...

You are so lucky!