Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Their Date

That Friday was a long and lonely day. I had little to look forward to as I knew that Linda and Darryl would be going out for the evening without me. I had little housework to do because I had cleaned so thoroughly for several days leading up to the weekend. I decided to wash the bedding in the master bedroom because I was sure that it would be quite soiled from the night’s workout. Sure enough, when I pulled back the blankets there were several ‘wet spots’ in the sheets. It looked like a sexual war had been fought on that silky battlefield.

Once I had the laundry done and the bed remade, I again found myself bored and left with only my thoughts to fill my mind. I was worried about Linda and Darryl being out and seen by people we knew. I wasn’t ready to handle the rumors that could be starting over their date night.

Linda got home from work around five and quickly set about getting ready for her date with Darryl. She told me to stay downstairs until she was ready as she didn’t want me to see how she looked until she came down.

Darryl breezed in just before six, ordered me to fix him a drink, then headed upstairs to shower and dress. I knocked on the bedroom door with his drink in hand, and heard Linda tell me to come in. She was sitting at her vanity finishing her make-up. I told her I had a drink for Darryl and set it on the dresser. She stood up and asked, “How do I look?”

She was stunning, wearing the black dress that she had worn on New Years Eve in Florida. All I could as was ‘wow!’

“I want you to go change into the cute little sissy dress that Mother bought you,” she ordered. “Be sure to put on the ruffled panties with it!”

I wasn’t quite sure why she would want me to wear that, but I obediently went to my room and changed into the frilly pink concoction. It reeked of sissyness. Once on, I felt like I was four years old. This was not a dress that a grownup woman would wear, or even a young woman. That dress just sang out ‘little girl’.

Darryl and Linda were sharing cocktails as I walked into the living room. I immediately understood the significance of my chosen apparel. They were dressed for an evening out; her in her black dress and him in a suit and tie; while I was dressed as a sissy. They were the adults heading out for the night and I was the little one left at home. Their smiles were borderline smirks. They were having a difficult time containing themselves while taking in the pink princess in front of them.

“Sweetie, you look so precious. Don’t you agree, Honey?” Linda purred while Darryl just rolled his eyes at me as his arm snaked around her waist.

“I want you in bed by nine. And no alcohol for you tonight. We won’t be home till late so no waiting up. Will you be alright or should I get a sitter for you?”

I was blushing beet red as I told her that I would be just fine.

“I know you haven’t fixed anything for dinner since you were going to be eating alone, so I ordered a pizza for you. It should be here in ten minutes. The money is on the coffee table. Now don’t get any ideas of trying to go change before it gets here. You are to stay dressed like that until you go to bed. Then you can put on your pink babydoll nightie,” she said, then kissed me on the forehead before heading out the door.

Darryl gave me one last look and smirk before following her out. “Goodnight Sweetheart. Have a good night.” And with that I was once again alone.

The pizza delivery person was a young man of about 19, who really showed his surprise on his face when he saw me. He never took his eyes off me, didn’t even bother to check how much money I had handed him. I had to shove the door closed in his face to get him to leave. I am sure he would have stood there staring at me all night if given the chance.

Even with all of that going on, I still think the most difficult part of the entire day was trying to go to sleep at nine o’clock while thinking about the two of them out on their date. I was really understanding and feeling what cuckolding was all about. Linda had made sure that I saw the difference between Darryl and me… the alpha male and the sissy.

However, the even bigger surprise came when I found out about the details of the date.


Anonymous said...
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ritemate said...

Please don’t be bothered by these malicious anons. Remember you’ll soon have more than 100 followers who love your blog. Of course Darryl is dominant, but it’s obvious that you respond so much better to orders than to suggestions. We all know that deep in your heart you love the things you’re made to do, yet when given a choice you become reluctant and confused. Like when you were offered a sitter but declined. You know you’ll need someone to look after you when Linda decides to accompany Darryl on one of His business trips, and you cannot always rely on family; so why don’t you get used to having a sitter.
Being a sissy, it’s very important to learn to be a good little cocksucker, so it’s fortunate that Darryl decided to train you. You must also accept to be exposed to whomever your Superiors deem appropriate, so it wasn’t very polite to shove the door closed in the Pizza delivery man’s face, was it? Did Darryl punish you, or didn’t you confess your transgression to Him? If so, Linda should be more than capable to teach you the error of your ways with the aid of Her hairbrush.
I can understand that you had difficulties falling sleep with you head full of fantasies about Linda’s date with Darryl, but I DO hope that you weren’t touching yourself in your bed. A good sissy should never be allowed to touch herself without explicit permission, and Linda should take measures to ensure that you don’t. You become so much more focused on servicing you Mistress and Her Lover when you don’t indulge in self-pleasuring.
You’re a great blogger, I’m so looking forward to your next entry!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet beverly looked absolutely adorable in her pretty little dress - it's not surprising the delivery guy wanted to stare at her. How humiliating! But isn't that exactly what a little sissy cucky craves?

I wouldn't let anyone distract you from your purpose, beverly - just keep writing your blog and telling everyone what a good little sissy cucky cocksucker you are. Linda and Darryl will make sure you never, ever have any doubts about what you are and what your purpose is. So don't let anyone try to convince you differently - you know you love being an utter sissy - it's all that you can be anyway - isn't it?

Miss D

relevent married guy said...

I am looking forward to the details. ;) I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Liz Romney said...

Dear Beverly,

I wait with great anticipation the next installment of... your life. I'm sure that everything will be OK!


Anonymous said...
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sissygunilla said...

I think u are courageous and brave, dareing to live out your (and Lindas) urges dreams and desires, eaven though it means outing yourself as "unmanly" and/or "weak" by so called "general norm", dispite the fact that it might be embarrasing somtimes, it might not be fully accepted by everyone.

I admire and respect anyone dareing to follow their dream, eaven if it means leaving the safety of their comfortzone and taking a plunge into the unknown.

I just love your blog, and await your next post with great anticipation!! (don't hold us in suspense..)

Kay Harman said...

I'm torn between two feelings reading this, tremendous arousal and uncomfortable sympathy. Maybe I'm projecting, but the last two posts seem a little sad. I think for me, the turmoil and jealousy would outweigh the arousal and I would try to change things; I'm hopeful that you are making the choices that truly make you happy rather than following habits.

Good luck, and have fun pursuing whatever courses of action make you happy. And thanks for the vicarious high.

caroline said...

Love you guys. I can see Linda taking the hunk up the ass and you having to lick them both clean you lucky little slave. Cant wait.

Anonymous said...

There are so many thoughts abd emotions a sissy sister like me feels when reading your posts, especially this one.
Seems Darryl and Linda have decided to completely and forever make your status clear in their relationship, while wiping out any last vestiges of remaining unwanted, unneeded maleness you are ridding yourself of forever.
Man, woman, and sissy.
I would like to know more about how you deal with your feelings as a non-participant in their relationship.
What do you think and feel while alone, after they leave?
It seems clear that Linda will one day soon never ever see you as masculine again, as that part of you is slowly being permanently erroded, much to the benefit of all. i also wonder what their next steps will be for you?
When i was married, i went through a whole rage of emotions being left alone while i knew i was being cucked, altho, i was sorely uninformed most times, except for some clues and remarks dropped as to what was going on as she dated first men and women, later women exclusively, unlike you who knows and is exposed.
Do you think she'll ever get you a sissy sitter? At least you'd have someone to talk to and discuss and accept further, your ever deepening sissy-hood with, and to make the time go past.
Looking forward to your next installment, pretty sissy girl!
hugs and sissy kisses sissy sister!
sissy cindy lynn

Cherryleopard said...

I hope you are well and that you find time to share more of your recent thoughts and adventures with us.