Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Darryl's Visit - Thursday

I spent last Thursday getting things ready for Darryl’s visit. I don’t know why I was so nervous, I mean, after all, he is an old friend who has seen me as Beverly many times now. And let’s be honest, he really isn’t coming to see me. He wants to stay here so he can spend time with Linda, enjoying sex with her at my expense.

Linda didn’t say much when she left for work this morning, just ‘make sure the house is ready for Darryl’s visit’. She didn’t even ask me what was for dinner or tell me what she wanted me to be wearing when he got here later.

I had the house prepped and dinner in the oven cooking away all by mid-afternoon. That left me with time to get myself ready. I went and took a long, soaking bath, shaved my body head to toe, painted my nails, selected my undies (matching set of course), put on my make-up using extra care, and picked out a skirt and blouse to wear. My hair was starting to grow out, and Meghan had done a great job on my last salon visit of highlighting and shaping it into a cute feminine style, so I decided to fix it up and forego the wig. Besides, it would be cooler for this warm summer day.

Linda came flying in the door at 4:30, shouting for me to follow her to the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom just as she was stepping out of her skirt, which she threw at me with implied instructions to take care of it.

“I need to take a quick shower. Lay out some clothes for me. You know, sexy underwear set, oh, and my summer sundress that I like so much,” she stated as she left her clothes in a pile on the floor and rushed, naked, into the bathroom. “By the way, you look very nice. I like what you are doing with your hair.”

I picked up the pile of clothes, put them in the hamper, and then went about laying out her outfit for the evening. I knew that she would want nylons and a garter belt along with matching bra and panty. I still feel weird picking out undies for her wear for her boyfriend. Just as I placed the dress on the bed she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, which quickly ended up on the floor for me to pick up. She made no comment on my selections, just got silently dressed without a look my way. I am sure her mind was on the evening ahead and I was not involved in the intimate thoughts. I just stood there silently waiting for further instructions.

Finally, she seemed to realize that I was still present and spoke without looking at me. “I am okay here. Why don’t you go take care of dinner and wait for Darryl’s arrival. Tell him I will be down shortly.” With that, I was dismissed. The tone for the evening had been established.

Twenty minutes later, while I was working in the kitchen, the doorbell chime announced Darryl’s arrival. He stepped in as I opened the door… I think he half expected a curtsy out of me… smiled as he took in my appearance, and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek in a warm greeting. His bag was by the outside door and he glanced at it, and said, “would you be so kind as to take that up to my bedroom.” He didn’t say which bedroom was ‘his’, but we both knew that he meant the master bedroom that he would be sharing with Linda.

As I entered the bedroom, Linda was spraying herself with perfume, including a spritz under her skirt. The meaning of this was not lost on me and she smiled as she saw my recognition. She wanted to smell nice ‘down there’ for Darryl.

I silently place his bag on the floor by the bed, then retreated out the door, to be followed by a “tell him I will be down in a minute.” It was clear that Linda wanted to make a grand entrance for her beau.

Fortunately, I was in the kitchen when she came down, so I missed their welcome to each other. I was surprised that I wasn’t summoned to prepare cocktails for them. I found them in a tight embrace when I came to announce that dinner was ready. It took them a full minute to pull themselves apart and come to the dinner table.

Over dinner Darryl filled us in on his latest activities and his business ventures that brought him to town (he is developing a strip mall). He informed us that he would be very busy all day Friday but would be taking Linda out for a late dinner… without me! They would be having a solo date in our hometown. Linda saw the worried look on my face and I am sure she was concerned as well. She had to work in this community and we knew many people. Being seen out on a date with another man was risky for her.

Darryl seemed to read our thoughts, or anticipated our reaction. “Don’t worry. I will be taking you someplace safe and out of the way,” he reassured her.

I was quiet throughout dinner as most of the conversation centered around the two of them. Darryl did set down some rules for the weekend.

Addressing me, he stated, “While I am here, you will be dressed as Beverly as you are now. Not as a maid, but as either fully feminine or in sissy attire, unless instructed otherwise. That means inside the house as well as out.” He did not ask for my understanding or acceptance as it was understood that both were implied.

Turning to Linda, he said, “you and I will be a couple all weekend, no matter where we go or what we do. That means that if we are seen by other people, they will know that we are ‘together’. Do you understand?” Nervously, but without hesitation, Linda nodded her head in agreement. I know we were both scared where that might lead and what consequences it might have. I half expected some comment by Linda, but she accepted her role without question.

“Also, like when you were in Florida at the condo, after this evening you will be naked at all times in this house unless instructed otherwise.” This time Darryl did not ask for her agreement.

With the rules established, he sat back in his chair with a satisfied smiled. He was king of this castle once again.

I cleared the table as they retired to the living room. Once I had cleaned the kitchen, I went to join them. I found Linda naked and standing before a seated Darryl. He was just sitting there looking at her, taking in her naked beauty from head to toe. He made a gesture with his hand and she obediently turned slowly around so he could view her backside. As she turned full circle, he reached out and grasped her pubic hair.

“I want this gone tonight. After we go to bed, go and shave your pussy bald. Make sure it stays that way,” he ordered. I didn’t know if he had meant for this weekend or permanently.

“I promised you a spanking and I think we should get that out of the way right now. Assume the position,” he instructed as Linda stretched out over his knees. “Beverly, go get me a hairbrush.” I could see the panic look on Linda’s face, as she had never been spanked by anything other than his hand. We both knew that this was going to hurt a lot worse than any spanking she has had before.

When I returned with the brush, he was softly caressing her bottom, reassuring her that he would be fair. Then he proceeded to give her ten very loud, and I am sure very painful, swats. She had tears streaming down her face, but she never uttered a sound. I was worried about how she was feeling. Darryl found the answer for me.

He set the brush down then took his hand and forced her knees apart, exposing her pussy in the process. He rubbed his fingers along her slit, then sunk two fingers between her folds.

“Your pussy is gushing because you liked being spanked like that. It turned you on, didn’t it?”

He was right. Linda’s pussy was glistening with her flowing juices. I was shocked by her reaction. She was, indeed, very turned on.

“Come then,” Darryl instructed as he gently pushed Linda off his knees. “Let’s go to the bedroom and enjoy the rest of the night.”

With that, they walked hand-in-hand up the stairs without any further words to me. I was left standing in the living, recovering from witnessing my wife turned on by a firm spanking.

As I headed up the stairs, I stopped by the open bedroom doorway and looked in to see them lying on the bed in a lover’s embrace. Once again, I was out of their minds and left in my own little world.


Phred said...

Question--has Linda gained or lost wieght since your New Year's trlip to Florida? Is Linda trying to impress Darryl?

Iowabev said...

Strange question but here goes.. Linda and I both lost weight when we started planning our Florida trip last December. She has done a good job of keeping it off since.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog... waiting for the next instalment! xx


ritemate said...

Hasn’t Darryl become even more dominant? The pecking order is firmly established, so no unnecessary doubts or protests from you or Linda are needed; nor any tedious negotiations. The two of you have to choose only between obedience and punishment. What wonderful simplicity, as a submissive you must appreciate it! Can’t wait for “Friday”. Does Linda have to be naked in your house even when Darryl isn’t there, or did He mean she has to be naked only when He’s visiting? Don’t you think it’d be appropriate for you to address Him as “Sir”?