Thursday, August 27, 2009

He Is Finally Leaving!

I awoke Sunday morning with my mine rapid-firing over the last two day’s events. So much happened in a short time span that most was still a blur. I kept focusing on the items that were permanently done, that we would be forced to live with the consequences for some time to come.

My first thoughts were of my sister seeing Linda walking around naked in front of Darryl and me, and my acceptance of that behavior. I know that her thoughts of me were forever changed, as she would now see me as the cuckolded sissy who allowed another man to take over his wife. My crossdressing was something that she could accept because she had gradually seen the progress. However, Linda’s infidelity, and my acceptance of it, had been thrust upon her the day before. How would that change our relationship and where would that lead?

Secondly, the appearance of Jesse for my surprise date last night was a shock that was only surpassed by my willingness to let the evening progress as it did. Plus, Jesse had also witnessed Linda’s submissiveness to Darryl as well as his orchestration of her permanent marking by his command of selection and placement of her butterfly tattoo. He had seen her willingly strip from the waist down to allow another man to intimately mark her while I just stood by. How must he think of me today?

Then there was the whole tattoo parlor adventure. I was easily reminded of it as I gently touched my new bellybutton stud. At least it was something I could remove and let heal after Darryl left… but it was kind of cute, so maybe I might keep it for awhile. I couldn’t wait to see Linda’s tattoo. I had gotten a look at it during the early stages the night before, but not the finished product. She had promised me that I could see it this morning.

Pushing all of those thoughts out of my mind, I got out of bed and began preparing for the day ahead. I practically jumped when I looked in the mirror. I had fallen asleep with Jesse beside me and had not taken the time to remove my makeup, which had become quite smeared during our bedroom Olympics. The shower felt refreshing and helped to wash away some of the guilt I was feeling about how I had behaved the night before and what I had allowed to happen.

An hour later, dressed for the day, I knocked softly on the master bedroom’s door and just as softly walked into the room carrying hot coffee on a tray. I tried to advert my eyes from the two naked bodies entwined on the rumpled sheets. Linda was the first to notice my presence as she lifted her head and smiled. My eyes immediately focused on her new prize… the colorful butterfly dancing just above her pussy lips.

“Come take a closer look,” she whispered as she moved away from sleeping Darryl and reclined on her back to allow me an intimate inspection.

I set the tray down and slipped silently to my knees beside the bed. I was pleased to see that it was rather small and intimate, not something gaudy, as I had feared. “It looked cute,” I thought as I accepted the fact that my wife now sported a tattoo at the desires of another man, something that would be a constant reminder of this time and circumstances. Whenever I looked at it, I would remember that I was a cuckold to my wife, that I could not stop another man from marking her.

“Taste me as you study it,” Linda quietly ordered as she spread her legs open.

I eased between the parted legs and lightly kissed, then licked her intimate opening, my eyes never leaving her butterfly. It was in the perfect spot for me to focus on it as I performed my oral duties. I knew that I would be in this position and viewing it from inches away many times in the future. Each time I tasted her there, I would have a reminder starting back at me. I would never be able to forget last night.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. I fixed a brunch as the three of us were starving. Linda walked around naked again and I was constantly staring at her butterfly. Darryl took her three more times before leaving; once in the kitchen as I cleaned off the dishes, once more in the bedroom during an afternoon ‘rest period’, and finally in the living room just before leaving when he lifted her off the sofa and fucked her on the floor while I sat in the recliner. After the last time, he instructed me to lick her clean as he kissed her goodbye. The tears rolling down her face were not because of the orgasm I had brought her to, but from the knowledge that it would be months before Darryl would be back this way. I didn’t even say goodbye to him as I was ‘busy’ at that moment. But I knew that I was hardly on his mind then.

The next few days were quiet for Linda and me. We talked sparingly of the previous three days, instead just trying to get back into our normal routines and returning to our lives as a couple again. I think that we are okay, that the activities have not scarred us or driven a wedge between us. I think that we will gradually return to the place that we are most comfortable with.

This experience has been stressful and a strain on us. Only time will tell if there are any repercussions or long term effects. You can count on me diligently reporting all as best I can.

Thanks for following along and for your comments and concerns. Once again, it has been an interesting ride.


alan said...

I hope the two of you find that comfortable place again as well...

I also look forward to your sister's next visit!


BC said...

I agree--your sister's next visit should be great! I, for one, will sorely miss Darryl.

sub hubby said...

Fascinating. I can't see that any scars should appear - it all looks good, no, great, from what you've said so far. What a weekend!

Liz Romney said...

Dear Beverly,

If Linda and you still love each other as much as the day your were married I think the weekend's events might just be spice.

Once we have a taste of a spice we like we seek it out.

Plus, you put up a brave front about regretting the way things transpire as they did, do?, but you also seem to savor those very same things.

Take Care... Along with everyone else, I'll continue to visit your wonderful blog.


myles96 said...

I really love your blog ... it makes for compulsory reading. Good luck with this wonderful adventure.

ritemate said...

my take on this is that you’re sad because you feel things have progressed beyond the point of no return. You can no longer pretend to the world that, besides from your crossdressing, you live I a normal husband-and-wife relation; and you can no longer pretend to yourself that Linda’s pussy doesn’t belong to Darryl. But was turning back really an option for you?
In my opinion, you should focus on the positive things. You should be glad that you’ve progressed as a sissygirl. Sucking two different cocks on the same day, getting a belly-button piercing and getting a local boyfriend are all important steps towards fulfilling your destiny to become the perfect T-girl.
You should also be happy that Linda was able to fuel Her passion with Darryl. Of course you can’t compete with Darryl in bed. Linda deserves to have both a strong bull to fuck Her brains out and a sweet sissymaid to spoil and pamper Her. Passion is an elusive feeling, everyday life tends to make it fade away whilst long months of yearning and then short days of intense love-making makes it flourish. You must accept that Linda’s passion is for Darryl, but her love and companionship is still for you. So thanks to you, Linda can have both passion and love in Her life.
If you focus on a positive line of thinking, there’ll be no scars but instead growth in your relation.

PGSimi said...

I'm glad your routine is getting back together. It must be difficult.

I worry a little about Darryl, though. How does he adjust to the drastic changes in his sexual activity once back in Florida? Or is Linda just one of his girlfriends?

Just wondering ... not trying to pry.