Saturday, August 15, 2009

Date Reaches New Heights

The Friday night date was really something, Linda told me the next morning. I wasn’t awake and didn’t hear them come home, but she told me that it was very late… or very early, depending on your point of view… and for good reason.

I have mentioned in previous posts that Darryl has his own airplane. In fact, one of the first time times Linda met Darryl was when he flew us up to Wisconsin (we live in Iowa) for an evening dinner. For their big date night, he decided to outdo even that by flying Linda to Chicago for their night out. I can only imagine how exciting and romantic it must have been to fly over the big city with all of those lights, land at a small airport where a limo waited to take them to a romantic dinner at a restaurant high above the city.

Saturday morning I woke up and went through my usual morning routine, well, as routine as things get when Darryl is sleeping with Linda, dressed in a simple skirt and blouse, put on make-up and combed my hair into a feminine style, and headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and breakfast. I found a note on the table from Linda stating that they had gotten in late, would be sleeping in, and did not want to be disturbed until they called me. So, with nothing else further to do but wait, I fixed myself coffee and made a batch of muffins.

I was still sitting at the table eating a muffin and reading the paper at ten o’clock when the phone rang. It was my sister, Pam, calling to see how our evening had gone. She knew that Darryl was visiting as I had shared a long conversation earlier in the week while we were getting pedicures together.

With difficulty, I explained that Darryl had taken Linda out on a solo date and had gotten in late so I hadn’t had a chance yet to talk to her and get any details on their evening out.

“So I take it you and Linda are not sharing a bed while Darryl is visiting?” Pam asked. I could tell she was smiling at my discomfort. I had to admit to her that I was sleeping alone in the guest room, a very difficult thing to tell your sister I might add.

“Is it ok if I stop by later so I can meet Darryl?” she asked. We had talked about that previously so I was not surprised by her inquiry.

“I’m not sure when they will be up, so why don’t you come by this afternoon,” I replied. I knew Linda would enjoy my discomfort while she would be able to show Darryl off to my sister. At the same time, I worried about what Darryl might do in front of Pam.

The phone call must have awaken the lovers sharing my marital bed because I heard their voices when I walked by the closed door. Hearing them awake, I went and prepared a tray of coffee and warm muffins for them. I knocked and was sure I had heard someone tell me to come in. As I opened the door, I was greeted with the site of Linda, naked, lying on top of Darryl. At first, I thought that I had walked in on them making love, but realized that they were just having a conversation. And what an interesting position for a casual talk!

“Good morning, Beverly. What have you brought us? Something smells good,” Linda said as she turned her head to look at me, but not moving from atop Darryl.

“Just leave that for now,” Darryl instructed. “We need to work up a bit of an appetite first.” Linda laughed at the sexual innuendo as she buried her face into Darryl’s chest hair.

“I just love a hairy man,” she purred at him, driving home the difference between Darryl and me and the fact that my chest was shaven clean.

Just as I was turning to leave, he said, “Beverly, come over here and give me a hand.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant until I got beside the bed and he pulled the cover off his legs to show his naked hardening cock resting on his leg.

“Reach down there and give my cock some nice strokes to get me good and hard for your wife.” He wanted me to masturbate him so he could fuck Linda! She spread her legs apart to give me easy access to her lover’s cock.

Reluctantly, I took hold of his member and started stroking it up and down. I felt it thicken in my hand. After a couple of minutes of manipulations, he instructed me to rub his cock along Linda’s moist pussy lips. As I did, she repositioned herself to allow the head of the cock to ease between her folds. I was fucking my wife with another man’s cock! Each stroke eased it in and out of her pussy. Finally, she decided that he was hard enough because she sat up and allowed his cock to slip totally inside her, pushing my hand away in the process.

Since they were involved in their own sexual world, I quietly slipped out of the room and retreated to my own bedroom. My hand soon found itself wrapped around another cock. This time the pleasure was all mine.

What a strange, yet interesting Saturday this was going to be!


Cherryleopard said...

I'm surprised that you are allowed to touch yourself without explicit permission being given for that Beverly. Hmmm, I wonder if a new rule will be created for you.

; )


Liz Romney said...

Oh WOW! Yours is an interesting marriage and family, Beverly. I'm very keen to know what happened when your sister came over.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered going further into femininity and simulating a period every 28 days?