Monday, January 5, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Two

Warning and disclaimer:. In the past I have, for the most part, refrained from talking about Linda and my sexual escapades in detail, instead just glossing over the ‘dirty parts’ in general terms. Because of what has taken place over the last week I do not feel that I can continue that way or, by omitting those details, that I would be doing justice to this adventure or to my faithful masses. So if you are offended by blogs that delve into the sexual details, then I would suggest that you bypass my blog for the next several days.

We were sitting around the table on the Condo’s patio next to the beach, having just arrived in the Tampa area a few hours ago. Darryl was informing us of his plans for the rest of our time there.

“With the exception of the time we’ll spend at the game Thursday morning and your trip home, I expect to you dressed and acting as Beverly while you are in Florida.” He was directing his comments to me. “Your role will run the gamut from being our maid to being a woman, just like Linda, perhaps even taking on the role of her sister or girlfriend. You will not act as a man or a husband at any time, except during the game and when you get to the airport on Saturday. You did very well not reacting to my greeting of Linda at the airport this morning. I know that must have been uncomfortable for you when I kissed her in front of Amy and Tim. Who would have guessed that we would have common friends and that they would get to see your cuckolding first hand? That couldn’t be helped as I felt a desire to greet Linda properly. You should feel lucky that is all I did. I can’t promise you that I will not take more liberties with her at the game or when you depart. If and when I do, you are to accept anything I do without any complaints. Do you understand?”

I silently nodded my head in approval, hoping that things wouldn’t progress too far in public. As if to answer my concerns, Darryl turned to Linda and started untying the straps to her bikini top. “And Linda, you will also accept whatever may come your way without hesitation or complaints. Is that understood?”

“Gladly,” she responded, smiling as her top dropped away. There was my wife sitting on the patio on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, with people walking by just twenty feet away, her breasts bare for all to see. She reached behind her back and unhooked the clasp, pulling her top free and setting it on the table. She seemed quite proud to be topless in public. As if to seal the deal, she leaned over to Darryl and kissed him firmly. His hand reached up and cupped her naked left breast, as if confirming his ‘ownership’ of her. Even tucked away, I started to get an uncomfortable swelling in my feminine one piece swimsuit. I didn’t know how long I could keep it hidden.

Sensing my discomfort, Darryl told me to kiss him as Linda had to show my understanding and acceptance. I heard a slight giggle escape from Linda as she witnessed her sissy husband seal his fate by surrendering to that feminine gesture. To further emphasize my role, Darryl reached up and grabbed my breast, just as he had Linda’s moments before. Fortunately, mine stayed covered.

The ground rules established, Darryl continued. “We will relax for a couple more hours, and I know Linda wants to go for a walk on the beach. Later, Beverly will change into her proper serving attire and start preparing dinner. I think steaks on the grill will be good, you will find everything else you will need in the kitchen as I stocked it this morning before heading to the airport. Linda, our attire while in the condo is very casual, like beachwear or casual dress. Beverly will be in serving attire unless we or she is going out of the condo. And, as you can tell, this part of the beach is pretty liberal so you can wear as little as you would like. Feel like going nude?”

“I don’t think I am ready for that, yet. I’m still a conservative Iowa girl. But, we will see as time goes on.” I couldn’t believe that Linda would even consider going nude in public. But I guess Darryl brought out a wild side in her.

He smiled at her, continuing, “Each morning I will tell you what is planned for the day so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly. Of course, New Years Eve we will be going out on the town so you will be getting dressed up. Other then that, there are a few surprises I have planned and will tell you about them later.” Turning to me he said, “Bev, let’s plan on eating around seven then. Linda, why don’t we take that walk up the beach as Beverly goes and changes.” With that being said, he held out his hand to Linda. She took his hand and he led her down the few steps to the beach, not allowing her to put her top back on.

So there was my wife, just hours away from home, walking topless on the crowded Clearwater Beach. She has a great body and I noticed heads start to turn as she and Darryl walked away from me.

Dejectedly, I went inside and to my room to get changed. I was in the kitchen an hour later when I heard them return. I turned towards them, knowing that Darryl would want to check that I had gotten properly dressed to serve them. Linda’s body was pink from the sun and she was still topless. As she stood there, Darryl walked up behind her, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her bikini bottom, and pulled them slowly down to her ankles. Wordlessly, looking me in the eyes, she stepped out of them as Darryl picked them up. He tossed the skimpy bottoms aside and pressed up against her. His right hand reached around her and cupped her breast as his left hand reached for her pussy. I saw, for the first time, that she had also gotten a bikini wax before we left Iowa. Her mound had a small tuff of hair in a thin straight line. Part of me was surprised that it wasn’t totally bare. She spread her legs slightly, allowing his hand access to her private area. I looked up to see Darryl looking into my eyes, gauging my reaction, then he pushed his finger into her. Linda closed her eyes and gave into the sexual assault. Again, her legs spread wider and Darryl slipped another finger in.

I just stood there staring at the mating ritual taking place ten feet from me. Darryl thrust his crotch into Linda’s bare ass. Linda opened her eyes, saw me staring at her, then without taking her eyes off of me (where had these two learned that trick?), she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Darryl’s swimsuit and pulled it down, bending over as she did. Darryl, bent his knees, reached up and grabbed his erection, and inserted his hard cock into Linda’s waiting pussy. She stayed bent over, grabbing her ankles, as Darryl started his rhythmic fucking.

“Come here, Beverly, and support Linda as I fuck her. We wouldn’t want her to fall on her face now, would we?” Darryl stated with a smirk.

I walked in front of Linda and placed my hands on her shoulders. As I did, she lifted her head, which was eye-level with my pantied crotch. With a smile, she pushed her head under the short skirt of my maid dress, and kissed my erection. We stayed like that as Darryl continued fucking her. I felt her shutter twice with orgasms. Then, finally Darryl announced that he was cumming and pulled out, shooting his spunk across Linda’s ass. He concluded by wiping his cockhead on her left cheek, stepped back, and ordered me to come around and lick up his cum from her ass.

What a start to our trip. Here I was eating his fresh cum without hesitation, and we hadn’t even had our first meal yet. Well, I guess I was having my first meal, a Darryl soufflé.

When I finally finished, Darryl dismissed me with instructions to bring them each a beer and then to continue with supper preparation. I opened a beer quickly and took a big pull, hoping to wash away the salty taste in my mouth. My mind was racing, trying to absorb everything that had just taken place; Linda's casual nudity, her bending over and silently inviting Darryl to take her while I watched, Darryl's easy command of my sole, and my submissive acceptance of such a degrading act as to lick a man's cum from my wife's ass without hesitation. This was all too much, but I knew it wouldn't stop there.

When I came back with their drinks Darryl had slipped his swimsuit back on but Linda was still naked and sitting on his lap on the sofa.

I put the steaks on the grill and asked where we would be eating. Since it was our first night there and a beautiful night, Darryl suggested we eat on the patio. I set the table out there and brought the food out as we waited for the steaks to finish. I stayed out there even though I was in a short maid’s uniform. I felt less uncomfortable being seen like that then being inside watching my naked wife sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. I could hear them talking softly, but could not make out what they were saying.

Finally, I announced the steaks were ready, then got another surprise as Linda walked out onto the patio still naked! I guess that Darryl had convinced her to give it a try as the beach was starting to clear because of darkness. Those few remaining beach-goers got a real eyeful, what with a nude woman and a sexy French maid there for all to see.

Dinner finished, we went back inside as the temperature cooled, and drinks were enjoyed. The rest of the evening was uneventful, other then the fact that Linda stayed naked all evening. Finally it was time to turn in. Linda gave me a warm hug along with “this really was an interesting day, wasn’t it?” Can you say ‘understatement’!

I cleaned up as I heard the door to the master bedroom close. Our first day in paradise had come to an end. What a day!

And there is much more to come.


Phred said...

Great post(s). With your friends seeing the airport display, the rumors will be flying around Des Moines. What are you and Linda going to do about that?

A question; you had your hair highlighted before the trip. Why did you need a wig?

Iowabev said...

I am very concerned about my friends' reactions to the public display of affection. That has been on my mind alot.
As for the wig, while cute with the highlights, my hair is too short to look ultra feminine. The wig gives me a better look and much more confidence to go out in public.
Thanks for reading my blog and for your comments.

ritemate said...

What a lovely display of generosity!
I’m thinking of your generosity in accepting your role and letting Darryl take ownership of your Wife, Linda’s generosity in displaying Her no doubt very hot body to the world (or at least a small part of it), and Darryl’s generosity in inviting to the holiday of your dreams with lots of pleasure and surprises, in letting you play the part of the husband at the games, and last but not least in letting you take part in His and Linda’s lovemaking. You are certainly producing on amazing post after another! I notice that you have taken pains to anonymize some of the photos; dare I presume that those are of your lovely Wife? If so, Darryl and you are even luckier than I thought.
I thank you again for including the “dirty parts”, this post wouldn’t have beenquite so interesting without them (my understatement).
Can’t wait for part 3!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Now that you have posted pics of your wife, I would have a very hard time sharing her with another person. Don't know what else to say...I'm speechless.

leanne said...

Dear Bev,
Thank you for your posts. Your story is compelling, and I live a little through you with each chapter. Your concern about the reactions of friends is expected, because you obviously have a sensitive (and feminine) heart, and you don't want to cause any major problems for family, friends, or employers. And yet, there is a real sense of "no turning back" that is exciting, scarey too, but exciting, even if things have to change in small or big ways. For what it's worth, I'd love to have the courage to go forth as you have, and to become the girl of your dreams.

Sissy Shannon said...

Awesome description Bev. You are very generous for sure to allow your wife to have so much pleasure.
I can't wait to hear the rest!
I hope you got a nice girly suntan!

sissy shannon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Your wife is AWESOME! I think she needs to start her own blog and discribe her side of the adventure. More pics of her please, she's smokin' hot!