Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Five

Now, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh, yes, I remember now.

I really had too much to drink the night before. Yes, it was New Year’s Eve and that was expected. And yes, the excess drinking had reduced my inhabitations to the point that I found myself doing things that were new to me. So it was natural that I awoke the next morning hung-over and in a fog. Have you ever had one of those morning after when you are trying to grasp reality but it was just out of reach?

I was having trouble getting my bearings straight until I realized that I was in bed… and I wasn’t alone! Then everything from the previous night came rushing back. ROGER! I was in bed with Roger!!

I remember what we had done the night before, then I had fallen asleep. I guess that Roger had also passed out from the booze and the… oh God, I can’t believe it… sex! I had a date with a man I had just met and I ended up giving him head and spending the night with him in my bed. I’M A HUSSY! A SLUT!!!

I laid there very still, not wanting to wake him, and trying to figure out what to do. I turned my head to look at him and found him smiling back at me.

“Good morning Beautiful,” he beamed.

Beautiful? I must be a wreck. I had slept in my underwear. My wig was still on but must look like a hornet’s nest. And whatever make-up I had on when I went to bed was probably all over my pillow by now.

I tried to get out of bed but suddenly found his arm around my waist, pulling me towards him. As I looked at him and tried to explain that I needed to go fix this mess, I was silenced by his kiss. Ok, I really wanted to get out of bed, but why wasn’t my body listening to me? My arm was going around his neck instead of pushing him away. And my lips were no help at all. They just opened up to his tongue’s pressure and allowed it easy access. You just can’t trust lips!

Finally, my brain triumphed in communicating with the other body parts and I got some distance between us. The reality set in of my being in bed with a man while my wife was not far away, even though she was in bed with a man herself. I needed to get control of the situation, and I needed to get cleaned up before Linda and Darryl started moving around. Roger had other things on his mind (don’t they always!) as he pulled my hand towards his naked cock.

“Oh, no you don’t. I know where that can lead, and we are not doing that this morning,” I thought to myself as I escaped from the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

When I looked in the mirror, I realized that I had been right. What a mess! I slipped off the wig and underwear, and started the shower. I let it run towards the cool side figuring a cold shower would do me good. While I was in the shower my mind replayed the events of the previous evening. It had been a wonderful experience to go on a date as Beverly. I really felt totally feminine then, which probably led to my actions at the end of the night. But now, in the stark reality of the morning light, how was I feeling? And how would Linda view me and my actions?

Wide awake from the brisk shower, I reapplied make-up and wrapped a towel around my body. Roger was still lying in bed when I reentered the bedroom. As I picked out underwear and an outfit to wear, he continued a dialog stating what a great night it had been, how much he had enjoyed my company, and his desire to be with me as often as he could during the remainder of my stay… everything a girl wants to hear after she has put out. I was feeling less like a tramp and more like a girlfriend, and that’s a much nicer feeling.

“You aren’t going to wear that to the game, are you?” Roger reminded me.

The game! I had totally forgotten that today was Bowl Game day. I put my outfit aside and reached for the Iowa Hawkeye shirt and pants. Then I realized that I had put on make-up but that I was going to the game in ‘guy mode’. I headed back into the bathroom to remove my make-up. But then I realized that I didn’t want to go back into the bedroom because I didn’t want Roger to see me as a guy after we had been so intimate as a couple. I had to suck it up (that was a bad choice of words) and go back into the bedroom and get my clothes. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, but I could feel him watching me and realized that he could see most of me in the mirror’s reflection. I had never felt ashamed to be a guy before that minute. But right then I wished that didn’t have to appear to him that way. He must have understood what I was feeling because he got out of bed and went into the bathroom so I could finish dressing alone.

I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when the three of them came out. Linda seemed quite startled to see me in guy mode. She was still in a robe but Darryl was already dressed for the game. Linda gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbed a cup of coffee and a slice of toast, and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. So there stood the three of us ‘guys’. Surprisingly, Roger seemed the most at ease and started talking about the game. We talked about the quarterback and running back for Iowa, what to expect out of the opponent, best way to get to the game with the anticipated traffic. Why, I was surprised we all weren’t belching and scratching our balls! This was really weird.

As usual, Linda was taking a lot of time getting ready and didn’t reappear until it was time to take off. Then it really got awkward. How were Roger and I supposed to say goodbye, what with me in guy mode? He handled it well by giving me a nice hug (no kiss), and asking if we could all get together after the game. Darryl said that he would call when we left the stadium and we would make dinner plans then. We all walked out together to the cars and departed with a wave.

I was glad that during the drive to the game Linda did not give me the third degree. She asked if I had a good time and if I wanted to see Roger again.

“It was a wonderful evening. Thank you, Darryl, for all of the planning and arrangements you made. It was a special night. And, yes Linda, I would like to see Roger again, which is a good thing since we said we would see him tonight,” I answered. Linda smiled back, and nothing further was said about the previous night.

I won’t go into details of the game other then to say that it was my first bowl experience and it was awesome. We had pretty good seats. The Hawks played great (and won). I couldn’t believe what we had to pay for food and drinks. But sitting in that warm sun on the first day of a new year was beyond words. Plus I think it helped burn the alcohol out of my system.

And speaking of burn, at one point towards the end of the game we were actually getting hot sitting in the sun. I started to take my shirt off, then remembered that I had spent several hours sunbathing in my girls swimsuit. I knew that my tan lines were just beginning, but they would have been very noticeable if I had removed my shirt.

The game over, we drove back to the condo and Darryl called Roger to tell him what time to come over.

Beverly (it felt kind of strange to be referred to as Beverly when I was in guy mode), I want you to go and get change immediately when we get home. I don’t want to see you looking like that again until it is time to fly home,” Darryl ordered. Linda smiled at his forcefulness. We were back into our roles again.

Thanks to all of you for allowing me my ‘recovery time’ from that little blog incident. That’s behind me now and I will push forward to complete my Florida report. Plus even more things have happened since our return to Iowa (besides record setting temperatures at around 30 below zero!). I can’t wait to share them with you. I appreciate your support and loyalty, and for just hanging in there for me.


Anonymous said...

love it. very very believable if it is just fiction
keep it coming

ritemate said...

So glad you’ve decided to continue your Florida report. I could really feel your awkwardness dressing as a guy. No wonder things are happening at home too. It’s great knowing there’s more to come!

Karen Singer said...


This is a really great account. Can't wait to hear more. Thanks for continuing.


Phred said...

Thanks for the great post. Please hurry with the next update.