Monday, January 19, 2009

Explain something to me.

I received two negative comments from the same "anonymous" reader who took issue with my blog previously. What I don't understand is why he keeps coming back to my blog when he obviously doesn't like it. He says its crap and fiction. Then why read it?? There are millions of blogs he could choose to spend his time reading, but for some unknown reason he choses to keep reading and blasting mine.
I just don't understand people like that. They don't seem to be happy unless they are unhappy. I would say that they keep therapist in business, but I doubt he would ever realize that he desperately needs therapy.
Last time I checked, I wasn't forcing anyone to visit my site. He said for me to keep my 'homosexual thoughts' to myself. I thought the whole purpose of a blog was to be able to express oneself, regardless of the content selected.
So let me once again state that if you don't like my blog then please just pass it by and go enjoy all of the millions of other blogs that are available to read. If fact, why not write your own blog so we can read what you think is important and then comment accordingly.
I am not going to let this one asshole get me down. I will continue my blog soon.
Anonymous, you have been warned! You won't like my next blog entries, so don't bother reading them!!


Anonymous said...

Best advice is to ignore the trolls. I've enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Sissy Shannon said...

PLEASE continue!
I can't wait to hear more!

sissy shannon

Anonymous said...

hugs a wonderful person
I actually don't care if it is fiction or real. It is a wonderful read
have a loved day

Karen Singer said...

I also absolutely love reading your blog and am looking forward to more. I know from experience with the things that I wrote that there are some people out there that no matter what, go out of their way to be cruel. Keep up the great work. I appreciate it.


Rita Mondray said...

Just ignore the idiot. You have a loyal readership who share your interests. People like that just make us stronger and unite us even more!


Ms. Lily said...

Maybe the problem is that "anonymous" actually enjoys coming and reading about you and is upset with himself for enjoying the read! Whatever the case, the people who enjoy your stories will still be here no matter what the idiot writes, so ignore it, write for us who love you, and don't give the ignorant the attention he is obviously craving.

Looking forward to reading more of the good stuff from you.

little shaun said...

Bev, I think you're spending too much time giving attention to somebody who does this. When someone gets popularity, as you have, they will always, no matter what, attract negative attention. That is just the way it goes. And for one anonymous poster who undoubtedly knows that he's gotten under your skin can put your entries on hold, you will get nowhere if you don't ignore them.

ritemate said...

I agree with little Shaun. These trolls are like cockroaches – always annoying, never of any use, but notoriously difficult to get rid of. I’m so happy that you won’t let the troll win.

subforhercontrol said...

Your blog is your blog. Be true to yourself and your Mistress. You write for your pleasure and those of us who enjoy sharing in your experiences. I enjoy your openness, willingness to share your inner most feelings and the experiences you allow us readers to share.

You are appreciated!

s said...

I know this has been said:

When I was in grade school, there was a kid in my class that picked on me only because he could get a reaction. He moved on to other kids when I stopped giving him what he obviously needed.

Just delete his posts and move on. He's silly, so why waste your time making him the focal point of your blog?

There's clearly something threatening to a "heterosexual" man in being turned on by your writings, but here I am reading and checking for updates. You don't owe me or anybody an apology! We appreciate your writing.

alan said...

Having enjoyed each and ever word since I found you, I can only hope you don't let someone like this drive you away!

You can check things in the control panel that allow you to moderate your comments before they post, or that do not allow anonymous comments. I have known people that have had to do both with much "tamer" content than yours, simply because their religious views or life partners were found objectionable.

I'm sorry you are being put through this...


Anonymous said...

Uhm, I haven't been here for some time and I saw your comment about someone leaving 'two' negative posts.

First, I was the one who thought your writing was fiction, though very good and I enjoyed it. That being said, I'm sorry if I offended you, but that was my take at the time. I will step back from that statement. Pardon me. I didn't mean to get your panties in such a twist.

Second, fiction or true, your writing is very good and I do enjoy it. Please observe that I am in no way condemning you, your wife or your escapades.

Third, regarding the other negative comment. I don't know who that was, it wasn't me and I didn't see it. So don't attribute to me, what I didn't write.

Keep going...