Friday, January 30, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Conclusion

When we returned to the condo, Linda asked me to go with her to her bedroom to pick out what she should wear for the last night in Florida. It was decided that the four of us would go out for dinner. Part of me was glad to get out of cooking duties for the night, while part of me enjoyed showing off my kitchen skills to the men. For some reason I wanted Roger to see me in the housewife role one last time. But that was not to be.

“I think we should really go all out tonight for the men and get really dressed up,” Linda said as she shut the bedroom door.

As we picked out a matching set of sexy lingerie, we both giggled at the tone we were setting for the night. We both knew that we were dressing to entice, and we were both happy for where it would most likely lead.

She pulled out a dress that I hadn’t seen before and held it up to her as she looked in the mirror. She was so sexy.

“When did you get that dress? I don’t remember seeing it before,” I commented.

“Darryl picked it out for me. I wanted to wear it on New Years Eve but he told me to keep it until tonight. Like it?” she asked.

I told her how hot she would look in it, at the same time a bit upset that Darryl had picked out something like that before we got here. That just showed how confident he was in himself I concluded. As Linda stripped off the beach dress that she had put on before we left the boat, I saw how much of a suntan she had gotten. There were almost no tan lines, just a faint outline of her bikini bottom. That nude swimming and lounging on the boat had done its job on giving her an even, all-over tan. Seeing how tan she was, I knew that my tan lines would be very striking by the time we got home and reminders of my hours in the Florida sun would be staying with me for some time to come.

“Were you nervous about being naked in front of Roger?” I asked her.

“I was yesterday when we got back from the game and I was walking around here like that in front of him. But by today it didn’t bother me at all. Maybe Darryl has made a nudist out of me. Did my being naked bother you?” she asked.

“I was just glad that it was you and not me. And Roger seemed to enjoy it as well. Should I be jealous of him fucking you in the water?”

“That was just a one time thing. He was telling me how much he likes you and has enjoyed spending time with you. He came up to give me a ‘thank you’ hug, and one thing just led to another. There was really nothing to it. It was just a quick fuck, nothing more. He definitely is smitten by you and only wants you. I don’t think either of us has anything to be jealous about,” Linda replied. “It’s going to be difficult going back to our old life tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. But I am also looking forward to things getting back to normal. I hope we can, get back to normal that is,” I replied.

She told me to go get ready as she wanted to shower before getting dressed. As I walked out of the bedroom, Darryl was just coming in. He saw the handful of lingerie I was carrying and smile, whispering ‘sexy’ as we passed. Something told me that Linda’s shower was about to be interrupted.

I walked into my bedroom and stopped abruptly, Roger was sitting on the bed. I thought that he had just dropped us off and headed back to the boat to get ready. But I realized that it made more sense for him to get ready here. And ‘here’ seemed to in my bedroom now. Then I surprised myself by rushing over to him and almost throwing myself on him and the bed. Before long, we were making love once again, followed by another first… we showered together. There was no opportunity to carry over my ‘Beverly disguise’ as we stripped naked. Make-up was removed, wig was taken off. But I still felt like Beverly with him and I didn’t feel self-conscious as we lathered each other, nor when I dropped to my knees to orally satisfy my man.

Roger watched intently as I put on my make-up and got dressed, marveling as my transformation progressed. Even with all of the extra-curricular activities, we still managed to get ready before Linda and Darryl and were enjoying a glass of wine on the patio when they finally appeared.

Darryl, again, selected a marvelous restaurant for our final night of dining in Tampa. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was. I guess the day on the water and physical workout had left me famished. It was almost three hours later when we found ourselves headed back to the condo. Again, the ride was quiet as the four of us contemplated the reality of the time; in a few hours Linda and I would be headed home.

We entered the condo, none of us wanting to delay our last private time together by sitting around sharing drinks. Instead, the two couples said ‘good night’ and head to our respective bedrooms.

As the morning alarm announced the hour to rise and shine, I found myself firmly planted in Roger’s arms. Even though I dreaded the difficult goodbye which would soon follow, that was soon denied me as Roger announced that he had to get dressed and head right out for an important meeting. So we said our goodbye there in bed with hungry kisses and wet tears. And just like that, he was gone.

Part of me was glad as I showered and dawned my remaining set of male clothing for the return flight, but part of me felt a hollowness of missing him already. I packed my bags, put the clothes to be shipped back in the return box, and went and made coffee. Darryl and Linda were surprised to discover that Roger was already gone, though each of us carried our own belief as to why he had made a hasty exit.

At the airport, luck was on my side as we found ourselves a private area to say goodbye to Darryl, away from the eyes of friends who may be returning home with us. I almost had to get a crowbar to pry Linda from Darryl. His handshake to me seemed so inappropriate.

I was glad that we didn’t run into Tim and Amy as I didn’t look forward to having to explain our friendship with Darryl to them.

There were many other Iowa Hawkeye fans on the flight, all talking about the exciting game. However, Linda and I were quiet in our own little world, reflecting on all that had happened in those few short days. We held hands, kissed warmly and often, and knew that we were alright and would return to our wonderful lives without difficulty or fallout… at least we hoped.

So, that, my friends, was our Florida adventure. A week in the sun, a week of discovery and exploration, a week we will never repeat. We don’t need to. It was wonderful, and we survived it. Perhaps we are even better because of it. Only time will tell. Thanks for allowing me to relive it. My blog will return to telling about my life as Linda’s housewife, about our wife-led marriage, and about the interweaving of that with friends and family. It may, at times, be boring. Hopefully, there will be some excitement to share. I can promise you this, it will continue.

Thanks for going along on the trip.



whatevershesays said...

First to post. And I'm sure you'll get lots of positive comments. And you should.

But I worry for you. As I've posted before, it's one thing for your wife to "force" you into some fun sex acts. But you are well past that.

I don't see how your marriage can survive. Even if she doesn't see Daryll again, you've come out of the closet. You are gay. That's fine but I wonder how long your wife will want to be married to a gay man?

I sincerely wish you the best of luck.

little shaun said...

Glad to hear about the trip. There's one thing I'm wondering. Have you always been gay? Have you ever been attracted to men before, and if not, how does it happen?

ritemate said...

Unlike the previous commentators, I will let you decide for yourself if you’re gay, bisexual, transsexual or something else. And as you’ve already told us that you and Linda are stronger in your love to each other than ever before, I’m not too worried about your marriage either.
However, that doesn’t prevent me from being curious. How do you regard your sexual inclination? In what ways has your Florida experience influenced your sex life? Has Darryl taken control over it? When will you see Him again? As Darryl now regards you as completely feminine, has he decided that you should be taking hormones? And how can you be so sure you won’t repeat your trip to Florida?
Please excuse me if you think I’m being nosy, it’s up to you if you’ll answer my questions now, in a later post or never.
Best wishes

Karen Singer said...

Hi Bev,

I just want to say thanks for relating your adventure in Florida so well. It was fantastic! Good luck now at home. I'll be hoping all goes well for you.


Iowabev said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments and questions.
I have always had bisexual tendencies, going back to high school when my best friend and I experimented with oral sex on each other. However, I have had very limited encounters over the years, maybe three at most, and always when dressed as Beverly. The Florida experience with Roger was the most involved and lengthy sampling I have ever had.
Maybe something that helped fuel that fire was that Linda and I haven't made love since
the middle of November when she anticipated seeing Darryl and decided that we should hold off until after then. Unfortunately, because of bad weather, he wasn't able to meet with Linda in December like he had hoped, so the wait continued until our Florida trip.

Since returning home things have returned somewhat back to normal. I will talk about that in upcoming blog entries.

alan said...

Having split my time before I married pretty equally between the sexes, I think you can be "omni" sexual and get through life "just fine"!

You and Linda have a relationship for the ages! As so many are quick to point out, most would have fallen apart long before this. Your love and trust in each other is something magnificent to behold!

Thank you for sharing!


Phred said...

Thanks for the posts and the replies. Please get us up to date ASAP. February is tomorrow!

One question; did you and/or Linda 'practice safe sex' in Florida? Aren't you worried about your health? What about AIDS?

Phred said...

Well today is the Super Bowl! Bev, is the party at your house or are you and Linda going out? Are you serving and cooking today? Please get us up to date!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beverly (cool, that's my favorite aunt's name! ;) ),

i really loved your decription of your adventure... i hope someday i have something as wonderful to write about!

please add my blog to your blog list - i would be honored.


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Phred said...

Bev, how was Valentine's Day for Linda and yourself? What did Darryl and Roger get for you two ladies?

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
You are such a glamorous beautiful woman! You are ALL woman. You are stunning! You are such a tease! As a woman, you must have enjoyed strutting your charms on the beach for all to see. I am sure that every male in sight wished they could be Darryl. I honestly do not understand how any man could let you go.

Do you feel that this is the end of your marriage?
As a woman, are you relieved to be free from your sissy husband?
How did it feel to share moments of ecstasy with Darryl? (Sigh... My heart is with you, dear.)
How did it feel to have Darryl take you in front of Beverly on the first day? (Sigh...)
Wasn't it so generous of you to acknowledge Beverly's arousal with a kiss?
How did it feel to be brought to your Feminine climax with Bev right there?
Wasn't it wonderful that Darryl “marked” you as his woman with his male essence? (Sigh...)
As a woman how did it feel to have Beverly lick Darryl's essence from your bottom?

How did it feel to “share” Darryl, to see Beverly give him pleasure? You were so generous.
How did it feel to see Beverly open up, find her fulfillment and surrender in such a Feminine way?
Wasn't Darryl so thoughtful to save his climax to share with you?

Wasn't Darryl so thoughtful to find a date for Beverly?
How did it feel to see Beverly find find pleasure in the arms of a man?
How did it feel to know she lost her “virginity” with you so close at hand?

You took your rings off when you went to Florida. Will they remain off?
What did Darryl do for Valentine's day?
Will Darryl put his ring on your finger, while Beverly looks on as your maid of honor?
Do you allow her to share your bed?

What next? Since you are dominant, you decide. As a woman you understood that Beverly needed to embrace her femininity, and unleash her “inner woman”. You wisely gave her what she long desired. I am sure she has less guilt this way.

If you plan to stay with Beverly, the following site may help you:

The following sites are a goldmine of information for women who take a dominant role in their marriage:

The following site also has wonderful information for women that take a dominant role in their marriage:

This website (it is long) has a lot to say about womens sexual power:
Where to now? You decide. You could tease Bev about her need for dominance, her need for humiliation, her feminine needs, her need for a man. Transvestites generally crave domination and humiliation. You decide.


Alecia said...

hi Beverly,
I live in the quad cities! You can contact me at the email provided in my profile. I'm another girl like you, without the domme wife :(