Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Seven

Roger’s boat was a thing of beauty… so clean and well maintained. I could see why it was his home away from home. He had me remove my shoes before boarding; dummy me, I wore my high heels from the apartment to the dock; then carefully took my hand to help me step from the dock onto the deck. I was really getting into this ‘helpless female’ role. Should I have been batting my lashes at him the whole tim

He took me on a tour of the well laid out cockpit with all the bells and whistles imaginable, then down the steps to the salon. While not large, it was also well designed and comfortable. The main area even had a large screen TV and DVD hookup. The head was small (so small that you had to step outside to change your mind) and I knew I wouldn’t be putting my make-up on in there. Then, with great pride, Roger showed me the master stateroom. It was beautiful and quite roomy. Of course he took that moment to really welcome me onboard by embracing me and kissing me tenderly. And before I knew it I felt myself being lowered onto the bed.

Up went the skirt, down came the pantyhose, off went the blouse, zip went the zipper and away went the skirt… and there I was, laying on the bed in my undies, and having been on the boat less then 5 minutes! That has got to be some kind of record. For some reason, he was slower in removing his closes, making me lay there and watch as he unbuttoned, unzipped, peeled and pulled, finally down to just his tidy whities… which I was all too happy to help remove. He spread my legs apart and laid down on me, kissing me hungrily. He reached for a remote control on the headboard and suddenly the air was filled with soft music. Oh, this guy was smoooooooth!

I am not going to go into much detail here, other then to say that I took all he had to offer. Later, I felt him leave the bed and heard him securing the boat for the night, then warmly greeted his return. I slipped into my nightgown and slept contently in his arms, the gentle rocking of the waves against the hull provided the final symphony of the evening.

I awoke famished and happy. And even more enjoyable was lying in bed as he fixed us breakfast. I freshened up, slipped into a swimsuit and cover-up, then enjoyed sitting drinking a second cup of coffee in the cockpit as he prepped the boat for a day on the ocean.

Linda and Darryl arrived around ten; Linda carrying a food basket and Darryl a cooler. Hugs were given all around then Linda followed me below so I could show her the rest of the boat. She loved it as much as I did. Then she saw the master stateroom and asked me how the bed was.

“It seemed to hold up just fine to the workout we gave it,” I replied.

“And??” Linda urged.

“And, I didn’t hold back,” I stated proudly.

“Good for you. How was it? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. I’m glad we aren’t going bike riding today. But it was alright,” I said.

“I’ll bet it was better than alright,” she said, then gave me a hug. It seemed like we were doing a lot more hugging lately, but very little kissing.

“Did you and Darryl enjoy your night alone?”

“Oh, Beverly, you wouldn’t believe it. We made love on the beach. It was kind of chilly, but so romantic,” Linda gushed. We spent a few more minutes talking about our experiences, then the men called down to us that we were ready to shove off.

It was a great day for sailing. We enjoyed the breeze and the sun. Darryl even opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the adventure. That seemed to loosen Linda up. Off came her bikini top with her stating that she was going to work on getting a really serious tan while on this trip.

“In that case,” Darryl replied, “don’t stop there. Take the bottoms off too.”

And so she did. Darryl helped apply sunscreen, even to places that had little chance of getting sun. Roger covered me with sunscreen as well while understanding why I didn’t want to remove my suit. I was going to go home with some very definite tan lines from this trip.

As the drinks went down easily and the sun warmed us and loosen everyone’s inhibitions, talked turned more sexual. Of course having a naked lady stretched out before us made it all that much easier to talk freely. Linda’s head rested on Darryl’s lap while I cuddled up next to Roger, his free hand casually caressing me from breast to hip.

Our quiet relaxation was suddenly interrupted by Darryl announcing, “I think we should have a contest between our two wonderful ladies here, to see which one gives the best head.”

Linda and I looked at each other. She knew that I wanted to protest, but her wink told me to just go along with it, so I kept quiet as Darryl explained what he had in mind.

“Ok, ladies, get off the seats and onto your knees. It will be a race for you to remove our swimsuits, get us hard, and get us off. The first couple to finish is the winner.”

Linda asked, “and what do the winners get for a prize?”

“The winning couple get to go down below and use the bedroom while the losing couple stay here sailing the ship. Also, the losing gal gets a spanking!”

Before we could reply he said “Go!” I was still sitting there in a daze over this bizarre contest when Linda sprang from Darryl’s lap, dropped to her knees and pulled off his suit. It was easy to see that he was ready for the contest to begin. Suddenly Roger pushed me off the seat and told me to get to it, lifting his butt to help me get his suit off. Without thinking further, I pulled his suit down and sucked his hardening cock into my mouth. The guys cheered us on with words of encouragement.

And, are you ready for this… I won! Happy with my success, I rejoined Roger on the seat cushion while brushing off my sore knees, and settled in to watch my wife complete her task.

When she finished; a good 3 minutes after me; Darryl apologized to her, saying “I guess you really wore me out last night and this morning.”

It was decided that the reward portion would have to wait awhile for everyone to recover. Linda and I went below, her still naked, to get lunch ready.

“You seem to really have gotten the knack of giving head, girl. That was quite some performance you gave up there,” she teased.

“I guess so,” I sheepishly replied, avoiding looking at her. I grabbed the plate of sandwiches while she got the beer.

Lunch was enjoyed as we sailed up to a small island and dropped anchor. Afterwards, we got snorkels and masks out of the storage bin and went swimming. Linda stayed nude the entire time and I caught Roger peaking at her pussy from time to time, a couple times earning him a poke in the ribs and a dirty look from me. Darryl and I tired first and climbed back on board while Linda and Roger swam a little longer.

We were enjoying a beer when Darryl leaned over and whispered, “Look at those two. I think Roger is fucking your wife.”

I looked to see that the two of them were close together with him behind Linda, and it looked like she was bouncing up and down slightly. I think Darryl was right. Very possibly, Roger was taking advantage of my naked wife and was slipping his cock into her. They looked over and saw us watching. Linda waved but Roger kept his hands on her waist. Finally they separated and swam over to the boat. I know Roger got a good look at Linda’s pussy as he was right below the ladder as she climbed up.

We spent another hour there before it was decided it was time to head back. As soon as the sails were set, Roger gave Darryl instructions on a return heading. Then, taking my hand, he announced that he was taking me below to collect the winnings of the bet.

“Are you sure that you have enough left in you?” I teased him as we went down the steps.

“Oh, I’m sure you can coax it out of me,” he replied.

“Have fun you two,” Linda called out to us.

He did, indeed, have something left in him, and he was eager to show me. Making love was easier this time as I knew what to expect and could relax. I found myself on top as he rolled us over, and I was able to set the tempo. This time we finished almost simultaneously, then I collapsed beside him.

“Wow, that was really something.”

I sprang straight up. There stood Linda in the doorway. She had witnessed our love-making! I was speechless and so embarrassed.

“This is really going to give us something to talk about on the return flight,” she teased, then turned and went back up on deck.

Roger took me into his arms and kissed me so I would forget about her. After ten minutes I was able to push it aside and we slipped our suits back on so we could rejoin the others.

Roger took over the helm and Linda sat next to me, putting her arm around me. It felt good to be close to her and to know that we were ok with what had happened. We were all pretty quiet on the return trip until Darryl announced that Linda hadn’t gotten her spanking yet.

We were probably a half mile out from the harbor when she stretched her naked body over his lap. He gave her ten really hard slaps, then paused.

“Were you fucking Roger in the water when we were anchored in the cove?” he asked. When she admitted that she was, he gave her 10 more, even harder. As she stood up from his lap, he informed her that she is to ask his permission before fucking someone. She quickly agreed, keeping her head down. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was going to include me in the future.

As we pulled into the dock, Linda and I slipped below to change clothes. Neither of us spoke the whole time, both a bit ashamed of our actions.

Once the boat was secured, it was agreed that we would head back to the condo to shower and change for a dinner out, our last dinner in Florida. I rode back with Roger. Each of us were pretty quiet during the drive, knowing that our time together was coming to a close.

I know that this gal wasn’t looking forward to that.

Next chapter: the end of the journey and the return home.


alan said...

I can't wait to read how this plays out...for the next 50 years or so!


ritemate said...

Sounds like your sex life has also changed dramatically.
For you to get to slip your cock into Linda’s pussy, She’ll have to
1) stop regarding it as a sissy cock
2) get Darryl’s permission
and both conditions seem to present considerable obstacles.
Though of course, you may already have proven me wrong.
I must congratulate you on your obviously excellent cocksucking technique, either you have been training without telling us or you’re a natural. You should be proud!
I do hope you keep your promise to not let too much time pass between posts.

Sissy Shannon said...

What a wonderful few days!

Can you post some pix of the tan?