Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Three

Naturally, I was the first to awake the morning of New Year’s Eve. Well, that is not necessarily true… I was just the first to get out of bed. I really don’t know when Linda and Darryl awoke, and I wasn’t even sure that they were awake when I got dressed in my maid uniform and headed to the kitchen to put the coffee on. That done, I headed back to my room to finish getting ready for the morning.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when Darryl walked in. He smiled, told me not to get up, and walked over to pour himself a cup. I remained silent and seated as he joined me. He was giving me the morning weather report; another beautiful day in paradise; and was about to talk about the day’s activities when he suddenly looked up and said “ah, there’s my sleeping Beauty. I hope I didn’t wear you out last night.”

I turned to say good morning to Linda, but instead my jaw dropped open, she was standing there naked.

“I hope you don’t mind, Beverly, but Darryl and I talked last night and decided that I will remain naked while inside the condo and it’s only the three of us here. Don’t worry, I’ll cover up if anyone else comes by,” Linda softly said as she slid into the chair next to Darryl and across from me.

Before I could answer, Darryl stated, “Why would she mind? She is just the maid. If I want you nude, then nude you will be… even if there is someone else here. Understand?” Once again, he was establishing the pecking order here.

He continued looking at Linda and dropped a hand under the table and onto her leg as he told us about the day’s plan. “We can either stay here at the beach today and enjoy the sun and sand, or we can go see some of the sites if you would like.”

I knew not to answer, as it was not my opinion that was being sought. Linda answered, “Is it ok if we just stay around here? We don’t get to enjoy the water and beach much and I am not really into site-seeing, unless there is something that you wanted us to see.”

She suddenly sat up straight and I knew that Darryl’s hand was doing some exploring, and there were no clothes to get in his way. Smiling, he said, “I think that is a good idea. We are going to have a busy night and will probably be out late, so relaxing here sounds great. As for tonight, we are going to go out to a very nice place for a seafood dinner, then to a bar for dancing and waiting to welcome in the new year. I want both of you to put on your very best dresses and looking as sexy as possible. I promise you a night you will always remember.”

Linda leaned over and kissed him. In between kisses, she asked what time we needed to be ready and a few kisses later he answered “be ready at eight.” I sat there finishing my coffee as they carried on with the kissy face. I was really feeling like a third-wheel and almost wished that they would go back to the bedroom so I wouldn’t have to watch. Maybe the day would pass without any further embarrassment. Oh, who was I kidding?

Linda finally got up from the table and announced that she was going to put on her swimming suit and walk up the beach. As she walked away, we both watched her naked butt swing a bouncy tempo. Then Darryl turned back to me and said, “I know that this is tough on you, but Linda seems to be enjoying herself and her new found freedom. Just be happy for her and let her have fun. And I know that tonight will be a very special night for you as well.”

With that, he got up and went to join Linda in the bedroom. I just shook my head in resignation, cleaned up the coffee cups, then headed to my room to change. Once again, I was back in my swimsuit, this time with a cover-up over the top, presenting a much more modest appearance. I decided not to wear a wig because of the sun and heat, instead putting on a big floppy hat to cover my head. A look in the mirror showed me that I looked pretty convincing and shouldn’t have any trouble walking around outside like that. I grabbed my book and went out to the patio. Since the condo faced the beach, and thus faced west, the patio was in the shade and still cool in the morning air. I grabbed a beach blanket and walked out onto the beach to spread the blanket out in the sun.

After awhile I realized that I had read several chapters and had not seen Linda and Darryl emerge. Those two were worse then a couple of rabbits. Maybe I should go douse them with cold water. Finally, they showed up and announced that they were going for a walk. Linda asked me to go with them, so I put my book aside and off we went. It was a beautiful beach and this area was more private than public so it wasn’t crowded in the morning. We frolicked in the surf (brrrr, the water was COLD) and walked for a long way, then turned around and headed back. It was so relaxing that for a while I felt very natural being out as Beverly.

When we got back to the condo we sat on the blanket and watch the other beach-goers. The spell was broken when Darryl announced that it was close to lunchtime and that I should go back inside and get it started. When I got back to the patio and was pulling the screen door closed, I looked back out to where Linda and Darryl were sitting. At that moment, Darryl reached around Linda and removed her bikini top. She laid back on the blanket, leaving her breast exposed to anyone walking by.

Lunch was a non-event, very casual and relaxed. I noticed that when they came in for lunch Linda stayed topless but left her bikini bottom on. As I was clearing the table (we had eaten inside) Darryl suddenly got very serious.

“Linda, what is the rule about clothing in the condo?”

Linda went pale as she realized her mistake. “I’m sorry. I totally forgot about being nude. I will take this off right now.” With that, she stood and removed the skimpy bottom.

“You know the rules. You know what happens now. Go stand by the sofa,” he ordered. I have never seen Linda move so fast as she sprinted into the living room. Darryl turned to me and said, “Come with me.”

I followed behind him, then stood by the sofa as he sat down. “Here it comes,” I thought.

He forcefully pulled my naked wife over his lap. She lay there, not moving, her head down, staring at the floor by his feet. Suddenly, his hand was raining down thunderous claps on her naked flesh, quickly turning that pale Iowa winter-tanless skin from white to bright red. I didn’t count how my blows smacked her ass, but I know it would have reduced me to tears. Surprisingly, Linda hardly uttered a sound as she endured her punishment.

Finally over, Darryl allowed her to slide off his lap into a puddle of quivering skin at his feet. No one said a word as we listened to the stillness of the room. Then my eyes traveled from Linda to Darryl’s lap. He was sporting a huge hard-on that was tenting the front of his baggy swimwear.

Finally he spoke. “Linda, you have made me hard. I think you should do something about that.”

She slowly looked up, saw his ‘predicament’, and reached up to grab the swimsuit, then pulled it off in one move. She sat up on her knees and positioned herself between his knees, now facing his growing erection. I watched as my wife leaned forward and engulfed his cock in her mouth and started giving him a blowjob.

I was shaken from the mesmerizing sight by Darryl exclaiming, “We shouldn’t leave out Beverly. Maybe she would like to help.”

Oh, god, he can’t mean what I think he means. Linda answered my unspoken question by pulling back from his cock, looking me in the eyes, and reaching her hand out to clasp mine. Then I felt the tug of her pulling me down beside her and found myself now on my knees as well. With one hand still on his cock, she pointed the head of it towards me. She let go of my hand and reached around, putting it on my back. I felt her pressure urging me forward and found myself giving in. Then that cock was touching my lips and I felt my mouth unwillingly opening as my eyes closed. More pressure on my neck and I was encircling the warm flesh, allowing it to slide in further.

“That’s right, Beverly, just let it slide back and forth. You are doing great,” Linda whispered into my ear. I realized that my wife was witnessing my establishment as a cocksucker and encouraging me on. I tried to block all thoughts out of my mind and to just go with the movement.

It continued for 20 hours, at least that’s what it seemed like. Finally, I heard Darryl say something, but I didn’t comprehend what it was. Then the cock was being pulled from my mouth and I almost tried to pull it back in with my lips. My eyes opened and I sat back on my heels wondering what was happening. The answer was right there as Linda stood up and straddled Darryl’s knees with her back to him. Then his hands were on her hips guiding her backwards, onto his lap. I watched her reach down and move his cock into the proper position, then she continued downwards onto him, taking his manhood deep inside of her. I stayed on the floor at his feet as their coupling continued. At last his grunts signaled the long await orgasm as he shot his seed into my naked wife.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur as I was allowed to silently recover from my ordeal. Before I knew it, Linda was speaking to me softly. “It’s almost six. We need to start getting ready for tonight.”

She told me to get my dress, underwear, and make-up and bring it into her room so we could get dressed together.

I won’t bore you with the details of us ‘ladies’ getting dressed and putting on make-up. The only interesting part was that we wore matching undies: black panty, strapless bra, garter-belt and hoses… very sexy. She had bought them for us back home just for tonight. We each had sexy little black dresses to wear for the big night as well. I will say that Linda has never looked better, even on our wedding day. She was smoking hot! She said that I was too, so I took her word for it. I did feel sexy, not sure about hot or not.

Darryl had gotten ready in another room and was waiting for us when we entered the living room a few minutes before eight. We were actually on time! Can you believe it?

He was just pouring each of us a glass of wine when the doorbell chimed. I looked at Linda, wondering, “Who could that be?” She just smiled back as Darryl sat his wineglass down. He also smiled as he announced, “that will be your date!”


leanne said...

Congratulations, Bev, on your oral work. You are becoming a great sissy, and a model for us all. I am sure your wife is proud of you. Cannot wait to hear more.

ritemate said...

Thank you so much for yet another amazing post. This certainly is the holiday of a lifetime for you and Linda, and your life-changing moments keep coming at an ever increasing speed. Your status as maid/girlfriend now seems to be firmly established, and I doubt that you can regain your former position as Linda’s husband, as the privileges of the husband are now Darryl’s. How thoughtful of Darryl to arrange for your date. I would have been difficult for you to fix it yourself, and now you don’t have to feel as the third wheel anymore. Further more, Darryl and Linda have also helped you prepare for the possibility that you will feel obliged to show your date your appreciation. It should however not have come as a complete surprise that you and Linda will be double dating, as you have told us before that you have discussed this scenario with Her. I'm also waiting eagerly for more!

Anonymous said...

My heart is pounding very fast!!

M said...

I must confess to checking your site every hour or two, hoping for the next update. You really write well, and the photo's work that really your wife?
Thanks for all of your "work"

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your date!

little shaun said...

Congratulations for finally getting to suck Darryl's cock. It must be quite a rush kneeling before and orally pleasing who was once your friend and is now your Master.