Monday, January 26, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Six

When we got back to the condo, Linda followed me to my bedroom, closing the door behind us.

“I wanted us to have an opportunity to talk privately and see how you are doing. I know the last two days have been awkward for you. Are you ok?” Linda asked.

“I guess I am doing ok. There has just been a lot thrown at me that I wasn’t expecting,” I replied. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how intimate you and Darryl are being. After the last time we were with him, I should have been expecting things to escalate. I think I am kind of surprised at how quickly things got intimate and how close the two of you are to each other now. Having you walking around nude was a shock. You never have done that with me. Plus I really don’t want to watch the two of you have sex. I know you are fucking him, and I am getting use to that. I just don’t feel comfortable watching it. Does that make sense to you?”

“Oh course, Honey. I can understand how difficult that is for you. But Darryl feels that it is important for you to see us together like that so you will be able to fit into your role of serving us. Be honest, didn’t it turn you on to see me sucking his cock and him sliding it into my pussy?” she asked.

I had to admit that it turned me on while also reminding me of my reduced status. While we talked Linda helped pick out an outfit for me to wear. I was surprised that I wouldn’t be required to put on a serving uniform.

“We thought it would be better to have you dressed up nice because Roger is going to be here,” she explained. “And speaking of Roger, I can tell you got along nicely with him, so you must have liked him. Care to tell me what took place last night?”

I could feel my face turn red from her prodding. My eyes dropped as I replied, “Roger is a nice man. I guess I surprised myself by my response to being with a man. I found the attention flattering and just easily slipped into my role as his date. While dancing with him, feeling his strong arms around me, my resistance seemed to melt away and I found myself responding in the most feminine ways. I can’t believe how good his kisses felt. He was just so powerful and he skillfully pushed all the right buttons.”

“Come on girl, don’t hold back from me. I want to know what happened after Darryl and I went to bed,” Linda prodded.

My face was crimson by then. “After you went to bed, we kissed in the living room for awhile. Then I felt my dress being unzipped, and I didn’t stop him. I didn’t WANT to stop him. It just felt so right. After I stepped out of my dress he just stood there looking at me. I could feel his eyes traveling up and down my body. But I wasn’t embarrassed. I enjoyed the attention. And when he took my hand and led me back here I happily followed him. Then I undressed him and found myself taking his cock into my mouth. I loved how it was so hard, yet felt like velvet and tasted so good. I took my time exploring it and enjoying it. When he finally came in my mouth I held his load for a long time before swallowing it so I could really get the full taste of it. Somehow he was able to play with my cock and get me to cum while still making me feel like a woman. I loved that. But when I woke this morning, I know he wanted to repeat it all again. However, knowing I would have morning stubble growth, I didn’t want him to see me not looking 100% feminine. Does that make sense?”

Linda hugged me and said that she understood fully. “This trip has really helped you understand how much of a woman you have become. It’s not all dressing up and keeping house. You have now experienced another side of the joys of womanhood, and it suits you. I think you should explore that even further, not hold anything back,” she said as she smiled at me. We both knew what she was suggesting, that I should have sex with Roger, that I should let him make love to me. Was I ready for that? She seemed to read my mind as she replied, “yes, Honey. You are ready. Go for it. I know you will love the experience.”

One final hug, then she told me to get ready while she did the same. “Thanks for reminding me about being naked in the house. It wouldn’t have been a good thing if I had forgotten again. And I know that Darryl is just looking for an excuse to spank me again. But then he really doesn’t need an excuse, does he?” she quipped before closing the door behind her.

There was a note in the kitchen telling me what to prepare for dinner and when to have it ready. So I put on an apron and started cooking. It was over an hour later when Linda and Roger emerged from the bedroom, undoubtedly enjoying a late afternoon delight. It certainly wasn’t because Linda had spent the time getting ready as she walked in the kitchen naked, helping herself to the drinks that Darryl was fixing.

The conversation was light and fun with lots of talk about the game mixed in. I had lost track of time when I heard the doorbell ring. Immediately, two thought ran through my mind… first, it was ironic that Roger was ringing the doorbell at his own condo when he had every right just to walk right in; and second, Linda was standing there naked. What was she going to do?

I could tell she had the same question going through her mind as she looked at Darryl with a panicked expression on her face. Darryl quickly took control of the situation by telling me to go answer the door while he took Linda’s hand and led her over to the couch. She was going to stay naked even with Roger there!

Roger looked very happy to see me and quickly took me into his arms and kissed me. This time I did not feel self-conscious kissing him with Darryl and Linda looking on. It was almost comical to see the expression on Roger’s face as we broke the kiss and he turned to say ‘hello’ to Linda and Darryl. He was very surprised to see that she was naked.

He quickly recovered and joked, “Gee, am I overdressed?”

Surprisingly, the atmosphere relaxed and the ‘naked Linda’ was just accepted. I noticed Roger stealing looks her way several times, but who could blame him? I was doing the same, and she’s my wife!

I excused myself to go start the grill and Roger followed. As I put the chops on, Roger commented, “That was some surprise, seeing Linda sitting there naked. What is that all about?”

I explained to him Darryl’s rules, which Roger fully appreciated; that causing him to receive a gentle elbow to the ribs. While I cooked, he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me, while we watched the sun going down and the people frolicking on the beach. It just felt so right to be held like that. I turned around and we kissed for a long time.

When the meat was done, Roger took it to the table while I got the rest of the food on the table. Darryl came in with a bottle of wine, stating that Linda would be with us shortly. She returned wearing a cover-up that, indeed, covered her body, but allowed us to know that it was the only thing she was wearing. No explanation was given, but I think Darryl had decided that it would make dinner easier on all of us.

“Darryl, have you told our lovely ladies what the plans are for tomorrow?” Roger asked over dinner.

“No I haven’t. But this seems like a good time to do so,” Darryl replied. Turning towards Linda and I, he said, “I know you like to sail and spend time on the water. Well, Roger owns a sailboat and is going to take us sailing tomorrow.”

That was wonderful news as Linda and I are sailing enthusiast. The idea was the perfect way to spend our last full day in Florida. “What kind of boat do you have?” I asked Roger.

“It’s a 42 foot Hunter with two berths. If fact, that’s where I have been staying during your stay… at least most of your stay,” he said, smiling at me about last light’s reference. “It’s very comfortable. I often sleep onboard on weekends so I can get an early start on a day of sailing.” He placed his arm around me, resting it on the top of the chair, leaned close, and said, “I have a great idea. Why don’t you and I spend the night onboard? I know you will love it. Plus, it will give these two love birds some time alone. What do you say?”

I was shell-shocked, and looked to Linda for help, only to find her smiling back.

“Go ahead, Beverly. That sounds like great fun. Then we will join the two of you in the morning,” Linda pushed.

Before I could reply; but we all knew my answer was going to be yes; Roger told me to go pack a swimsuit, cover-up, and a change of clothes for tomorrow. “And don’t forget to pack something to sleep in. I might even give you a chance to wear it.”

As I got up, I asked him if I should change out of my dress into something more sporty. “What you have on is fine,” Roger replied. “Something tells me you won’t be in that dress for long when we get on board.” I walked away to their laughter, wondering if I was destine to always be wearing a red face while around them.

I came back down with a small bag, served the brownies I had baked that afternoon, and sat down to enjoy coffee and more small talk. I could tell that Roger wanted to head out and he took the first break in the conversation to suggest that he and I should be going. Linda gave me a kiss, whispering to me to remember what we had talked about, then pushing me towards Roger. As we headed out the door, I turned back to say one final ‘goodbye’, just in time to see Darryl pulling the cover-up over Linda’s head. She was naked before the door shut. Darryl was not going to waste a second of their time alone.

Meanwhile, I was head to a new adventure aboard a small boat. For some strange reason an image of Gilligan and a three-hour cruise popped into my mind. Oh, boy!


alan said...

An amazing adventure you've embarked on...

Thank you for sharing it!


ritemate said...

Amazing indeed!
You’ve really reached far into your female self when you manage to feel like a woman even when your cock is stroked to climax. Did it occur to you that you probably saved yourself from a very painful and embarrassing spanking in front of Roger when you said yes to his invitation?
You obviously have a lot more to tell us, please continue as soon as possible!