Saturday, January 3, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part one

I know some of my faithful readers have been waiting for this report as much as I was being able to report it. I feel that I should put a warning and disclaimer to open this blog. In the past I have, for the most part, refrained from talking about Linda and my sexual escapades in detail, instead just glossing over the ‘dirty parts’ in general terms. Because of what has taken place over the last week I do not feel that I can continue that or that by omitting those details that I would be doing justice to this adventure or to my faithful masses. So if you are offended by blogs that delve into the sexual details, then I would suggest that you bypass my blog for the next several days. For the rest of you, get the tissues ready because this is going to get HOT!

On Tuesday, December 30th, Linda and I prepared to depart for 5 days in sunny Florida. It was decided that we would need more clothing then we would be allowed to carry as baggage on the plane, so we packed up a rather large box of clothing and shipped it ahead to Darryl (if you don’t know who Darryl is then I suggest that you go back and read my blog for the last two months). This was a good move because it allowed me to ship the items that I would need for my transformation into Beverly (if you don’t know who Beverly is then why are you even reading this blog!). The other decision that was made, by Linda, was that she would leave her wedding rings at home, thus establishing her ‘freedom from our marriage and her role as my wife’ for the duration of the trip.

As it turned out, I was glad that we shipped the clothing several days ahead of our departure because when we got to the airport I was selected to have my suitcase opened and searched. I was happy that my suitcase contained mostly my two male changes of clothing along with two feminine outfits and my woman’s swimsuit, nothing that would identify me as a crossdresser.

Speaking of clothing, I was very happy that Linda agreed that I could wear guy clothes (part of leaving her rings behind deal) on the flight out because we ran into several people I knew at the airport. As we were waiting in the check-in line we found ourselves behind a client of mine who is also a very good friend. With Amy was her husband, Tim, who is also a friend of mine. We had a nice time talking about the flight, the weather in Florida, and, of course, about the Iowa Hawkeye football team.

Amy asked where we were staying and I told her that we were staying with a friend. She asked about our plans for New Years Eve and we told them that our friend had made plans for us. I was glad that they would be going to a party for the team and fans because we wouldn’t have to worry about running into them while we were out with Darryl. I really didn’t want to have to be explaining to them about either Beverly or the relationship between Linda and Darryl.

While waiting to board, I saw three other people I knew because of business dealings. I went over to talk to them and introduce Linda. We talked mostly about the football game or about upcoming business opportunities that they wanted to have me handle. I joked that maybe I could write off the cost of the trip as a business deduction because we were talking business (FYI… I couldn’t).

The flight departed on time and was a smooth trip… until we got to the airport.

Darryl was meeting us at the baggage claim area, and I started worrying about the reception we would received from him… especially Linda. As it turned out, my worse fears were about to come true.

We were walking just behind Amy and Tim as we entered the baggage claim area, and there was Darryl. The first surprise came when Amy and Tim walked up to Darryl and shook hands with him. Amy saw us also approaching Darryl and said with surprise “oh, do you know Darryl?”

I extended my hand to Darryl as I informed Amy that he was our host for the week. Darryl warmly shook my hand, and then it happened. Linda stepped up and Darryl let go of my hand, and stepped over to her, put his arms around her and gave her a big juicy kiss. I could almost hear Amy and Tim’s jaws drop as they witnessed the embrace. I stood there silently and turning crimson as I could do or say nothing about what was happening. Of course at that same moment the other three business friends walked by and witnessed my wife being kissed by another man as I stood helplessly by.

Finally Darryl broke the embrace and turned to Amy and said “yes, we are all old friends”, acting like the kiss was the most natural thing in the world. Fortunately, Tim gently nudged Amy to get her moving and they walked away with a “have a good time and ‘go Hawks’”. Linda gave me a teasing smile as we walked to get our bags. She and Darryl stood back while I went to grab our luggage. When I came back with the 2 bags they turned and walked ahead of me holding hands. I didn’t look around to see if any of my friends were watching us, but I was sure some of them were.

Darryl lives along the east coast of Florida, not far from Daytona, but he has a friend who is involved with real estate throughout Florida. This friend owns a lot of property, included a beautiful condo on Clearwater Beach, and he loaned the condo to Darryl for our visit. Linda and I were very impressed with the size of the three bedroom condo. However, it was the walkout patio that was right on the beach that really stopped us in our tracks. This place was paradise and a perfect place to relax, party, and ring in the new year.

Darryl established, to no one’s surprise, the living situation for the week as he told me to put my suitcase in ‘my bedroom’ and put Linda’s suitcase in the master bedroom. When I entered my bedroom, the closet door was open and the clothing that I had shipped ahead were hanging up. I unpacked my suitcase and put my male clothing away, knowing I most likely would not see them again until I was leaving.

Linda knocked on the door (why did she feel she had to knock before entering my bedroom?) and informed me that she was going to slip into her swimming suit and take in some sun and walk on the beach. She told me to put on my swimming suit and put on some make-up and my wig so I could begin my vacation as Beverly. It took me an hour to get ‘presentable’. I had never worn anything as revealing as a swimsuit in public before and I worried now if I could pass enough not to cause any problems.

I went looking for Linda and Darryl, thinking that they were probably already outside since it would only take her a few minutes to change, but they were not on the patio. Then I noticed that the door to the master bedroom was closed. I knew where they were and what they were doing… making up for lost time! I knocked on the door and Linda answered.

“Go on ahead outside. We will be out in a little while,” she replied. Then I heard her giggle and things got quiet again. Embarrassed by knowing that I had interrupted their love-making, I slinked out onto the patio. I moved a chaise-lounge chair into the sun and stretched out on it. The warmth of the beating sun felt marvelous and helped wipe the images out of my head of Linda and Darryl in bed. I dozed off, waking when I heard Linda’s voice telling me that I had better turn over before I burned. I looked up to see her standing over me, with Darryl standing behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She had a two-piece swimming suit on while Darryl was wear a typical men’s knee-length suit. He was grinding his crotch into Linda’s ass and she was showing her enjoyment by wiggling it in encouragement. When she moved to sit down I could see the arousal in his suit. Darryl joined Linda at the small patio table, taking her hand in his. These two just could not keep their hands off each other!

“You look nice, Beverly. Are you enjoying yourself so far?” Darryl asked as his eyes traveled over my minimally clad body. Before I could reply, he turned to Linda. “I really worked up a thirst in there. Are you thirsty, too, Linda? I bet you need something to wash that taste out of your mouth.”

Turning back to me he ordered “Beverly, why don’t you go and grab us all some beers out of the refrigerator.” He turned back to Linda, effectively cutting me off while putting me in my place for the week… as their maid.

I got up and went to the get the drinks. I hadn’t looked at the kitchen when we arrived, so I was getting my first peek. It was beautiful, just like the rest of the place. I was glad because I had a feeling that I would be spending quite a bit of time in here over the next few days.

As I handed Linda and Darryl their beer, Darryl instructed me to join them at the table. “I think this would be a good time to talk about the plans for your stay and to establish some rules. Believe me, this is going to be a trip of a lifetime for both of you.”

And believe him I did. The man knows of what he speaks!

So much more to follow. I hope I haven’t bored you.


Anonymous said...

keep it coming!!!

MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
Thank you for warming my New York City chilled bones. This story should keep them nice and toasty for awhile.
Enjoy yourself,

ritemate said...

You’re certainly not getting any slack! Your life-changing moments keep coming, as your cuckold status has become publicly known before you’ve even left the airport. Darryl didn’t waste much time in the love-making department either. I’m quite sure you haven’t bored any of your readers, and I’m so glad you have decided not to spare us the juicy details. Didn’t you have problems to keep your “naughty bits” from poking out of your swimming suit, knowing that Darryl and Linda were getting intimate just a few yards away?

little shaun said...

Sounds like things got off to a great start. I will say that you are getting into some seriously dangerous territory when clients and work friends know your situation. I hope it never effects your career or job status negatively. That is one thing I would always steer clear of.

ritemate said...

I know that Darryl is The Man in Linda’s life, and that she wouldn’t sleep around (not that I think Darryl would allow it either), but your business associates and clients don’t know about the details of your relationship. And the just thought of making business with a man who might share his wife should be exciting to many men. So if your “outing” affects your business in any way, it mustn’t necessarily be negative. I think you can trust Linda’s judgment.