Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salon Pause

Baby, it’s cold outside. The high today is going to be zero! Why do I live in the Midwest?

I had a fun experience Friday night. Linda had her hair appointment and knew she would be there for at least two hours, so she wanted me to come along. I knew that there was a good chance that I was in for some teasing or uncomfortable times. And, let’s face it, I really do enjoy most of it even if I don’t let her know it.

I should tell you that I go to my own stylist and salon, so being in a beauty salon is not a new thing for me. In fact, my stylist, Mehgan, has been doing my hair for many years. And from the very beginning I approached her by telling her that I wanted a feminine style for my hair and even brought photos I had cut out of magazines showing her different ideas. She has been very helpful and enjoys discussing the latest antics of Beverly.

Entering Linda’s salon was no different than my salon except I was on her turf, and I was the stranger among them. It was almost like a hush came over the place when I sat down. I could see a few of the younger girls whispering and glancing my way as I thumbed through the hairstyle magazines. My isolated comfort didn’t last long as Linda called out for me to join her at the wash basins. I am sure all eyes were on me as I walked to the back of the salon following Linda and Dana, her stylist. I wasn’t sure why I was there and proceeded to just stand there as Dana washed Linda’s hair. Then Dana started describing the way she was washing and rinsing Linda’s hair, looking at me for my confirmation. I almost feel over when suddening Dana stepped back and told me to stand by the sink and continue washing Linda’s hair. Linda had told her to involve me in the procedure and there I stood washing her hair in full view of everyone. Linda told me that she wanted me to learn how to do this properly so I could start washing her hair at home.

When we were finished I was told to go sit back down and keep myself occupied. As I started to go back to the waiting area Dana called out for me, telling me to bring a chair over to her stall so I could talk to them as Linda got her hair done. So for the next two hours I sat, watched, and talked about my housework, cooking, and taking care of Linda. I notice that much of the conversations from the stalls around us had stopped as everyone was listening to us. Linda even told Dana (and anyone who was listening) that I had my own blog to discuss what I did. Fortunately, she didn’t mention the name or location of my site.

It was a fun experience and certainly gave us something to talk about on the drive home.

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Phred said...

Will you be going back to the salon with Linda?

Do they know know about your feminine side? Did Linda drop why hints?

Have you washed Linda's hair since the salon trip?