Friday, February 1, 2008

Cleaning day!

I am so tired. Being the first Friday of the month, today is my major cleaning day. The first Friday I really go all out with my house cleaning. Take the kitchen. I not only do the normal scrubbing of the counters, floor, and cabinet fronts, but I also clean the oven and take everything out of the refrigerator and scrub it clean. The bathrooms also get a special scrubbing. I know my wife will be impressed tonight when she gets home because the house looks great.

My normal cleaning schedule goes something like this… I divide the house into two parts. Part one is the kitchen, master bedroom and two bathrooms. Part two is the living room, dining room, laundry room, and 2 bedrooms. One week I will give the rooms in part one the major cleaning and the next week the rooms in part two get the major cleaning. Each week I vacuum all rooms and dust, but the real cleaning only takes place in the room for either part one or two. That way I am not spending all of my time cleaning. It is a system that works for me.

But today I spent about seven hours cleaning and I am really tired from it. It is just about time to change out of my maid uniform (my black and white one today), shower and get cleaned up before Linda gets home. I also will be starting dinner shortly.

I hate to get in the shower because I spent so much time scrubbing and polishing it today.

If we end up having anyone over this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, I know that the house will really look good.

So how was your day?

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