Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally The Weekend

Another Friday, another cleaning day. It was an easier day today because I just had the bedrooms to clean besides dusting and vacuuming the house. It is much easier then when I have to clean bathrooms and the kitchen. The bedrooms don’t seem to get very dirty and it only takes me about three hours to do my housework. So that means I have some time to relax and spend some time on the internet. I will be able to check all of the other blogs and read what has been going on with you.

I was reading on one blog about the worry of others finding out about living a wife-led marriage. I am starting to get past the point of worrying if others find out. I am proud to be a housewife and am lucky to be able to serve my wife. And I don’t care who knows! Well, to be honest, I still worry about some people knowing because I know they won’t understand it. My brother is one of them. He is two years older than me (I’m the youngest of three) and he has always enjoyed teasing me. My sister would be ok with it I think. She might even remember back to when we were children and she was our babysitter. Many times she would style my hair, put nail polish on my fingers and toes, and even apply makeup to my face. I think she knew that I often went into her room and tried on her clothes. So it would not be a big stretch for her to realize that I have gotten in touch with my feminine side to the point of proudly becoming the wife.

A few male friends would not be at ease if they knew. Isn’t it funny that most women have no difficulty accepting that a man might want to experience being a woman but that it is too foreign a thought for most men.

Linda will be home soon, but just long enough to pick me up. She has her hair appointment tonight and wants me to go along with her so we can talk while she is letting the color set (don’t let her know that I told you that she colors her hair!!!). She goes to a different salon then I go to and I have never met her stylist. Linda has said that she brags about me to Dana and the other girls and wants them to meet me. I can imagine that I might be in for some ‘fun’ while there. I will let you know what happens.

I had better get changed out of my dress and find something to wear to the salon. I can’t keep Linda waiting. Have a great weekend and please stay in touch.


slut suzy said...

Another great post Bev, thank you for sharing. While i'm sure most people are able to respect the way others live their lives (it is the 21st century!) there'll always be those who view unconventional lifestyles as being odd and perhaps therefore also a little threatening. Are their lives any happier, i'm not so sure that they are?

little shaun said...

i'll be honest and say i don't have the same dilemma as you because i don't crossdress. But i still know that some of my male friends would quit hanging around me if they knew everything. Some may move in on my Wife which is kind of hot, but you have quite a choice to make.