Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dining Out With The Girls

I had mentioned a week ago that I accompanied Linda to her salon and was instructed by her stylist on the proper way to wash hair. That has become part of my duties now. Several times a week I will be called on to wash Linda’s hair. If you have never done this, I recommend you give it a try. It really is kind of sensual as well as fun. I wish Linda still had her long hair as that would be even more fun than short hair. I think we are on to something great here.

Friday night I was to join Linda in dining out with two of her friends. I thought it was kind of strange that they would want a guy tagging along. I should have know better. When Linda walked in the door I was just finishing my bath. She came into the bathroom to see how I was doing and was glad to see that I had taken the time to shave all over; smooth from head to toe. She told me that while I was drying off she would layout something for me to wear. That should have tipped me off, and in fact, it did. I was not surprised to see her pulling one of my feminine outfits out of the closet. It was my black leather skirt and top along with a painted t-shirt.

“Oh, you want me to go as Beverly,” was all I said. I was going to be meeting the other gals dressed in my feminine best.

“Of course. It’s a girl’s night out, silly,” she stated as she dug into my underwear drawer.

Pam and Phyllis were not surprised at my appearance so they must have know in advance. We really did have a fun night and nice dinner. We talked, drank, and laughed for hours, all the while everyone was treating me as just another one of the gals.

So now I am out to two more people as Beverly. They learned all about my role as the housewife in a wife-led-marriage. They asked lots of questions and I answered freely. Not once did I feel like they were laughing or looking down at me. It really was a pretty normal night; one that I am sure will be repeated often. Plus, they are coming to dinner at our house soon so they will see me fully in my housewife role.


Anonymous said...

I love your necklace :)

Iowabev said...

Thank you. Jewelry is the one thing my wife likes to borrow from me... but I am not allowed to borrow from her!

slut suzy said...

i love your necklace too Bev, i really must get myself a few more items of jewellery, thanks you've inspired me!

little shaun said...

i know from first-hand experience that it is so relaxing to hang out with the girls. It must be moreso to actually be one of the girls.

whyguys said...

The most delightful aspect to me of this outing is the chance to spread the goals of role-reversal to other Females... hope that in your experiences this has sown the seed of Female dominance and/or supremacy as a thought in other Women.