Tuesday, February 12, 2008


“Why, that’s one of the nicest things you have ever said to me!” That was my reply to Linda last night when she told me that I looked so domesticated. At the time I was darning an oven mitt that had a hole in it. I was sitting on the sofa doing some hand sewing; the oven mitt, replacing a button on her blouse, and tightening the button holes on a pajama top so it won’t come unbuttoned when I slept in it.

I was wearing a white blouse and black harem pants along with hose and black pumps. I must admit, I looked like little Suzy homemaker, sitting there so cute with my needle and thread. That, on top of the fact that when she got home tonight, I was in the kitchen in my apron cooking spaghetti dinner. I was really driving home my housewife role, and we were both enjoying it.

I have been reading on several blogs the difficulty many couples have about defining roles and also the husband wanting the wife to take a more active part in the relationship; primarily that of being more dominant. My wife has trouble with that as well. She appreciates the effort I am putting into this with my doing all of the housework and chores. She just can’t bring herself to order me around. Plus she still occasionally wants to help out around the house. She stills picks up dishes after dinner. However, then there are times that she only does the bare minimum. Like when there is clean laundry in a basket that hasn’t been sorted yet, and she takes just her clothes out and leaves the rest for me to take care of.

I do wish that she would give me orders or leave me instructions. I wish she would discipline me when I do something wrong or not to her liking. A spanking to straighten me out would be great. Withholding sex or publicly humiliating me would be a wonderful learning experience. However, I know that she wouldn’t think of that on her own, nor would it be something that would come easily to her. She is not the bossy type naturally.

So I guess I am trying to say that we can wish for many things in a relationship, but reality has the upper hand. I should be asking her if she is getting what she wants out of this lifestyle experiment or what I could be doing to make it better for mer.

Of course that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make this fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev

This sort of lifestyle doesn't come naturally (not to me anyway) and I'm still working on it. We first started out with punishment etc only in the bedroom and because of this it isn't something new to me. Perhaps if you try and introduce it into the bedroom it may follow on into your daily life?

I still find it difficult to "order" suzy around as I have been brought up with manners and its taking a long time to shake off the "please and thank you" habbit. It is however getting easier.

Keep up your blog, its the 2nd blog (after suzys) that I read daily.


Iowabev said...

Thanks for the commments and advice. I will definately see if we can incorporate the punishment part in the bedroom.
I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. It has been fun writing it. And I am a faithful reader of suzy's blog as well.

slut suzy said...

As Mistress has said, lifestyle changes don't always come naturally and certain aspects often need to be worked at consciously until they become habitual.

i empathise with your feelings in respect of punishment, i'm punished where and how Mistress deems it appropriate, which not only serves as a reminder of Her control of me but also plays a vital part in my behavioural reconditioning.

If you feel that punishment could enhance your own relationship then my advice would be to tell Linda that.