Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another snow day!

Can spending time together be a bad thing? Can we actually spend too much time together? I am beginning to find out that we can overdose on togetherness.

Besides the weekend together, we have been snowed in the last two days… no way to get out and no place to go. Four days of just the two of us. I guess it proves that we are getting older and more set in our ways because early in our marriage we would have looked forward to being snowed in like this. We would have spent most of the time in bed (or elsewhere around the house) in the throws of passion. Not now. Now we are searching for our own room we can escape to.

We are use to being together on the weekends and usually have several things we like to do together… shopping, buying groceries, going to a movie or out to eat. Then during the week we each have our own routines that we do separately. She goes to work and I stay home to do my work and take care of the house. Well, she has been home for two unexpected days and that has thrown off my routine. Plus, she doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself and is bored.

Yesterday (Monday) wasn’t too bad because I went about my work cleaning up and preparing supper. She watched me. I am not use to that. At first it was kind of fun dusting and vacuuming, knowing she was watching me. But then it just got a little creepy. “What is she thinking as she is watching me? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be paying more attention to her? Working faster? Taking less breaks? What? What? What?

Her only comment was made during dinner… “you really enjoy your role as housewife, don’t you?”

Of course I do. I love doing things for her, taking care of her, cooking for her, even doing personal things for her. But I kind of got freaked out having her watching me and not saying anything all day long. Plus I don’t normally break for lunch at noon or even fix much for lunch when it is just me. With her home, that changed. I plan dinners, not lunches.

Today, we stayed away from each other most of the day, though I did see her pacing around being bored several times. I think I will go offer to give her a massage or paint her nails for her. Maybe that will help. I am sure it couldn’t hurt!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish for loads of snow!!! Suzy and I work together - It does sometimes get too much which is why I work from home some times and he works from home other times. I do however dream of getting snowed in - not much chance of that happening - most we've had this year is a about an inch :(

Iowabev said...

We have had 55 inches so far, schools have closed a total of 8 days because of it this winter.

Anonymous said...

Thats just not fair!!!

Ms. Lily said...

Hi Bev,
Love reading your blog. I can relate, I know in the past(when the husband did very little) on the days we were unexpectedly home together I felt like I accomplished about half of what I would have liked.(with children in the house it was not a romantic shut in scenario)
And as far as your earlier post about coming in with their snowy, dirty boots across your clean kitchen floor, huge issue in this house, drove me just about crazy. Note that it doesn't happen now that he does the floors.
Oh and from your pics it looks like you ladies had a wonderful time the other night. Wish I lived in Iowa, well maybe not that is a lot of snow, we have been pretty lucky this year to date, not to much accumulation. I would of enjoyed your company though.
Ms. Lily

Iowabev said...

Ms. Lily, thanks for writing and good luck with your blog. Where about do you live?
I had a wonderful time with the ladies and will write about it soon. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear more from you.
Suzy's Mistress, I will be happy to send you all the snow you would like! I am tired of it and hope it melts soon.

Ms. Lily said...

We live in Southern New England, and it is snowing today. So apparently, I spoke to soon.

I look forward to reading more from you.


Phred said...

You look great in the leather skirt!

Iowabev said...

Thank you Phred. It is one of my favorites.