Monday, February 4, 2008


What a weekend. I thought it was going to be pretty mundane a routine, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Friday, I baked a cake after cleaning. That evening we went to see Linda’s 87 year old mother and I suggested taking her a piece of cake. While there Linda gave her the cake and she thanked Linda for bringing it. Linda then told her that it was my idea to bring the cake since I had baked it. Linda also told her mother how I had spent the day cleaning and about my reaction to Linda tracking across the kitchen floor. Her mother commented on Linda never did understand how much work it took to keep house and that it was a good thing she had me to take care of it. Then her mother got up and went over to a kitchen drawer, opened it, and removed two aprons from it. She brought the aprons over and handed them to me say that she was cleaning out and getting rid of things around her house while she could still do so. She said that she had thought about giving the aprons to Linda’s sister, knowing that Linda would never get any use out of them, but that instead she wanted me to have them. “I hope you will use them” she said smiling at me. Without thinking I took them and said that I would be sure to use them. Then I looked at them and realized that they were very frilly and feminine, more like serving aprons than utility ones. I thanked her again when we left. I don’t think Linda had ever mentioned anything to her about our arrangement. However, her mother seemed to be quite in tune with how things are.

Saturday, Linda and I went out with me dressed as Beverly. We had a nice dinner, then stopped at the mall for some shopping (neither of us bought anything), and then to a movie. Linda said I could pick the movie so I chose “27 Dresses”, a real chick flick. It was cute, and I don’t think there was a ‘guy’ in the place. It was a fun night for both of us.

Yesterday we were invited to friends’ house for a Super Bowl party. I made up some brownies and a cheese dip with chips to take. At the party were 2 other couples. The host couple are close friends but we hadn’t met the other couple before. I was quite surprised when almost immediately Linda informed Barb (the hostess) that I had made the brownies and dip. Barb was impressed and told the other wife about it. The 3 wives were in the kitchen as the 3 of us guys were in front of the TV. I heard Linda call my name so I went into the kitchen. She said that Barb and Nancy wanted my recipe for the cheese dip. As I wrote it down Linda proceeded to tell them about how I had cleaned the house on Friday and about how I had gotten upset about her tracking across the floor. Barb commented “sounds like you have your own wife, Linda.” And Linda informed her that, indeed, she did. Nothing more was said except for the rest of the time there Linda would have me get up to get her a drink or something to eat while she sat there. I know she was showing off for the other ladies, and I really didn’t mind. The guys never caught on but I bet something was said by their wives later.

She asked me when we got in the car on the drive home if I had minded her mentioning my wifely skills. I told her that I didn’t mind at all and that is seemed like she was starting to ‘out me’ more and more. She just smiled.


fd said...

How exciting! i think it is wonderful that your Wife is so comfortable showing you off. you go girl!

little shaun said...

Good thing for you the guys never caught on. That's one thing i know i'm not prepared for.