Monday, February 11, 2008

The Boob Tube

Isn’t it nice when you reach a place in your relationship when you feel comfortable talking about almost anything? We were watching television the other night and saw something that led to a discussion.

We were watching the medical drama “House”. In this episode the patient just happened to be thousands of miles away doing research at the South Pole. She was there with one or two men in a strictly work environment (no sex taking place). Linda pointed out that when the woman undressed that her legs and underarms were clean shaven.

“Do you really think any woman living in freezing conditions where no one is seeing her naked on a regular basis is going to worry about shaving her legs?” I know there has been many times during cold weather that Linda has skipped that ritual for weeks on end because she was only wearing slacks and not exposing her legs. I, on the other hand, keep my legs smooth all of the time.

I just thought it was amusing that we were having that conversation. How many other wives would admit that thought to her husband? How many other husbands would care to discuss female groom habits in the first place? How many husbands have ever helped their wives with personal grooming, I wonder?

The next program we watched was the new show “Lipstick Jungle”. By the way, I love the high heel shoes ladies wear on shows like that. In this episode one of the women was hit on by a man who knew she was married. At one point the guy takes out a Sharpie and writes his phone number on the woman’s thigh. At first she worries about her husband seeing the number, then she actually flaunts it at him and goes unnoticed.

At the commercial break I pulled the covers back on the bed and looked at my wife’s thighs and stomach, teasing her that I was surprised not to find some guy’s number there. She joked back “I usually just put it in my PDA, but will make sure to have him write in where you can find it in the future.”

Another show we watched showed a young woman struggling with fastening her bra. “You do a much better job putting on your bra then she does” Linda commented. I replied back “that’s because I have been doing it longer then her.” I have had over 25 years of practice after all. There have been times that Linda has asked me to either help her fasten or unhook her bra and I love being able to help. I enjoy it even more when she comes to me to borrow some clothing or jewelry. I always seem to have just the right accessory to go with what she is wearing; either a strapless bra or necklace. Of course I always point out “isn’t it great to have a crossdresser for a husband?”

Who said television doesn’t lead to stimulating conversation?

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