Friday, February 15, 2008

Out there

You can never go wrong with a nice romantic dinner. And if it happens to be on Valentine’s Day, even better. That’s what I did for Linda, and she loved it. I think it was actually that we had a night out of the house and the opportunity to sit and talk without TV or telephones competing with our conversation. I made sure that I didn’t bring up FLR all evening as well. That way there was no pressures put on either of us. It was just like back when we were dating. It is nice to be back on even footing every once and awhile so she has the opportunity to get back in touch with the man she married.

Ok, that’s over with, now back to the ways I like it with her in charge and me once again in my role as the wife. Let’s see, her birthday’s not until August so I only have Mother’s Day to contend with. That’s not until May so I won’t worry about it now.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with two of her girlfriends. Originally, it was just the three of them getting together. But Linda talked them into letting me join them, and then told me that I was going to be dining with them. At least I won’t be serving and waiting on them here. I can just imagine what that would involve. Of course I realize that I will probably end up the center of attention and conversation tonight. I am just sure that Linda can’t wait to put me in my place in front of them and that much about my lifestyle will be revealed to them. I am not even sure at this point how I am going to be dressing for the night… male, female, androgynous, or someplace in between. With Linda involve, I am sure I be on edge all night.

She tends to let her bossy, domineering side come out when she has me in front of other women. I think it is her way of showing off some for them. I want to make her happy so I am just along for the ride. At least there won’t be any men around. I always get a little more uncomfortable when I am ‘displayed’ in front of men. Plus I think Linda likes to make me aware of how different I am from other men, how much of a sissy I have become. I find her flirting more now then in the past also.

She will be home shortly so I had best end for now and go take my shower so I will be ready for her. I have her slippers by the door for her to put on when she walks in so she won’t track slush across my clean kitchen floor. I am not going to make that mistake again!

Enjoy your weekend. I bet I will.


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