Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shopping cure

I love being my wife’s housewife. I really do. I enjoy the cooking and cleaning. I even like doing the laundry. But there are days that the fantasy and reality seem to butt heads. Yesterday was one of those days.

I just had trouble getting in the ‘mood’, which is not a good thing on a Saturday. We are both home on weekend. It is the best time for me to show off to her what a good little wife I can be. But I just was having trouble getting into it. I wanted to lay around and goof off. I had worked really hard all week and had the laundry caught up and the house was clean. So my mind decided that I should have time off from my wifely duties.

However, weekends are not the time for me to take off. Weekends are my time to shine and showoff. Why wasn’t my mind getting with the plan? Do you ever have times like that? What do you do in those cases?

Well, I did what any good wife would do on a Saturday morning. I went grocery shopping. There is nothing like pushing that metal card up and down the aisles, sampling foods, and planning menus to get me back into the proper mood. And it worked. Maybe it was the woman who smiled at me as I picked up the feminine hygiene products that were on my list. Or maybe the woman who stopped and asked my opinion on what brand of laundry detergent was best for a high efficiency front load washer as I was reading the label on a bottle of All. Whatever it was, it snapped me out of my funk and put me back onto the housewife highway.

Linda noticed it immediately when I got home and commented that I seemed to be in a better mood as she kissed me and squeezed my ass through the designer jeans I was wearing (the ones with cute hearts embroidered on the rear pockets). She really perked me up when she said “I think Bev and I should go out shopping and to a movie tonight.” This is a real treat because she seldom wants to go out around here with me dressed up.

I was actually humming as I put the groceries away. My, what a beautiful day it was!


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slut suzy said...

Another great post. i too am beginning to find shopping therapeutic, pushing a trolley around, planning menus as i go and marvelling at the vast array of Female items on show.

How was the night out?