Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Close Call

Linda had to take her elderly mother to a doctor’s appointment this morning. Now that really shouldn’t affect me but…

I was home today, as usual, working on my business work as well as doing my normal housewife duties; picking up, doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming. Since I am usually alone in the house I like to dress in something sweet and feminine. Today I had on a simple skirt and blouse along with hose and heels, but without make-up. Just before noon Linda called to tell me that her mother was done with her doctor’s appointment and they were going to stop home for lunch in about 15 minutes.

Her mother knows nothing about our WLM lifestyle or that I am the real wife in our relationship. But if I didn’t do something, fast she was about to find out. Linda knows that I am usually dressed up in something feminine while home, thus the heads up call. I just barely had time to put into the microwave oven a container of vegetable soup that I had made and frozen over the weekend, and then run into the bedroom to change clothes. I am glad now that I hadn’t put make-up on as there would not have been time to remove all traces of it.

Linda was smiling as she came in the door just as I was coming out of the bedroom. She knew how close of a call I just had. All she said was “aren’t you glad I phoned first?”

I am sure that someday there will not be the phone call first and I will be discovered. I really don’t mind some of our friends knowing, but I am not ready for family members to know about this. I think we need to discuss this and reach a decision on what we are going to do and who we are going to tell.


slut suzy said...

i read this with a mixture of envy and empathy, the former at your being able to be your 'true self' both at home and publically, the latter as since enlightening Her to your previous post Mistress has introduced 'positive reinforcement' to O/our relationship with remarkable results! With best wishes.

Iowabev said...

Good luck with that reinforcement. Let us know how it works out.